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    Battling small amount of algae

    I have been having this problem for a month or so. I get small patches of algae on the walls once in a while. Today it has been hot with the solar cover on and when I took it off I had a couple spots. One on the shallow wall by the sun shelf and some on the wall by the shallow spa step. All test...
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    Chemicals all in range, small green patch on wall

    I took my solar cover off this morning to check chemicals and brush and was disappointed to see a green spot on the small 10” deep section of pool wall on the shelf. It was bright green and maybe 3”x10”. It immediately came off with one swipe of the brush. I checked chemicals and all are in...
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    Adding liquid chlorine to sheer/spillover

    I know most say to pour LC in front of a return with the pump on but I keep a solar cover on with a cutout for the spa spillover. Is it fine to pour the LC into the stream of the waterfall? It’s about 3’ deep there and seems like it would be mixed pretty well. A return jet is also about 2’ to...
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    Scotchbrite pad on newer plaster pool

    I have some scuffs on the corners and steps of my white plaster pool from the black robot falling around and maybe some kids toys. They come off pretty easy by hand with a heavy duty scotchbrite pad. Normal brushing does nothing. Am I doing any harm by scrubbing the spots with the pad? Plaster...
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    Dolphin Nautilus leaving black marks

    Recently got a Dolphin Nautilus and is doing a great job with cleaning but in a few spots where it gets extreme angles climbing steps or in a corner I can see where the black corner bumpers are leaving marks on our white plaster. Anyone had this issue? They don’t come off easily with a brush...
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    1st time in ground pool. Southern CA

    Our pool was finished a couple months ago. Been lurking trying to figure out what to do. Thanks for all the free advice. I’m following the advice and pool is crystal clear. Hope to keep it that way.