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  1. poolnoobgrandma

    Not a spiced pumpkin latte, but fall has arrived here.

    Without heat, pool dropped to 82 degrees. I just put the solar cover on. Movie nights in the spa are just around the corner.
  2. poolnoobgrandma

    Ah, the downhill side of summer..

    It's amazing how my chlorine demand has dropped in just a few weeks. I'm reducing SWG percentage and pump runtime, trying to re-find the sweet spot to keep FC near (but not above) the high end of the recommended range. I guess that's the TFP version of pumpkin spice latte season!
  3. poolnoobgrandma

    Understanding the method, for the win..

    We just got back from a two week vacation, and I started getting error messages from the SWG on day 2. Based on what I've learned here, I didn't panic and enjoyed the vacation, knowing that TFP had taught me what I needed to know to fix things when we got back. Returned to dull, but not cloudy...
  4. poolnoobgrandma

    Seen on I-40 East of Knoxville.. is this yours?

    With everyone waiting so long for their pools, I thought this might give someone hope...
  5. poolnoobgrandma

    Hairnets .... First reorder!

    Sooo, based on the great advice here, I bought a 100 pack of hair nets to use in my skimmer. That was 2 years and 2 weeks ago. Just finished them off and ordered my second pack. Probably the cheapest and biggest bang for the buck addition to my pool care routine.
  6. poolnoobgrandma

    How long is it really taking?

    We are certainly seeing that it's taking a long time for pool builds these days. If you have had a pool completed in the last year, how long did it take? Start the timer the day you signed the contract with the pool builder, and end it when the pool is full of water. If you want to play, please...
  7. poolnoobgrandma

    This "you'll know your pool" thing really does happen!

    So, we got back from a 6 day RV trip yesterday. Prior to leaving I boosted FC with a gallon of liquid chlorine, cleaned the filter, and added an hour of runtime to the filter (and thus, the SWG). After getting home after an 8 hour drive and taking the critical items out of the camper, we jumped...
  8. poolnoobgrandma

    2+ years in on TFP...

    When I post, I usually post on the testing and balancing thread. But I know that lots of folks are coming here with issues, and wondering "does this work?" as they tip their toes into the TFP method. Whether starting with a new pool or arriving after dissatisfaction with your pool after years...
  9. poolnoobgrandma

    Getting ready for Elsa

    Looks like some wind and a lot of rain are headed our way. As we prepare, we'll drain the pool a few inches (it's already very full), take down umbrellas, raise FC levels and get some extra chlorine to have on hand in case we have an issue after Elsa passes. What are you doing to get your TFP...
  10. poolnoobgrandma

    Annual SWG PSA

    Going on our third year with our SWG and pool. I've learned that as soon as it starts getting warm the pool will lose just a hint of sparkle, and the SWG is suddenly not "keeping up." I finally learned that the SWG can't catch up. But it can keep up as long as it's set high enough and you're not...
  11. poolnoobgrandma

    Deep cleaning cartridge filter

    We've been cleaning our filter frequently since pollen season, including one soak in some water with TSP. Whatever gunk is in there just isn't coming out. We put in a new filter and the flow and pressure improved dramatically. Our old filter is just over a year old, and doesn't look damaged...
  12. poolnoobgrandma

    Add CYA before or after changing cartridge filter?

    It's time to change our cartridge filter, and we also need to add a couple of pounds of CYA. I just noticed that the label on the CYA says make sure your filter is clean. Should we dump the cya in (sock method) let it run for a few days, and then change our filter? Or change the filter now and...
  13. poolnoobgrandma

    Filter Vibration noise

    Moved from here. Hello all.. I know this is an old thread, but we have the exact same problem, and if anyone can share a photo of their solution it would be MUCH appreciated!
  14. poolnoobgrandma

    Issues with Pool math...

    Hi, Pool math didn't recognize me this morning, so I did something like "update subscription" and all seemed to be well. Tonight it said it couldn't record my logs, and that I had no logs, so I logged out and now I can't log back in with my TFP user information. Help! Thanks!!
  15. poolnoobgrandma

    Pollen... could it be acidic?

    We have had lots (and lots and lots) of pollen this year, first the yellow stuff and now the tiny brown stuff (not powdery like the yellow stuff). Culprits are live oaks and pines, I think. My pH dropped from 7.6 to 7.4. It has never dropped since we've owned the pool. We usually have to watch...
  16. poolnoobgrandma

    Watch out pool, Granna got a Cricut!

    So enjoying my new toy! I love the bright tropical color things I can make with the vinyl.😁
  17. poolnoobgrandma

    Keeping it warm!?

    So, we just had our first pool day of the season. Ran the heat pump to get us to 88-89 (ahhh) Highs all week will be in the 80s. We have a solar cover we are now using whenever we aren't in the pool. What's the best way to keep the pool swim-ready, temp-wise? Run 2 speed pump on low 24/7, or set...
  18. poolnoobgrandma

    Tempered glass on windows facing pool?

    We're getting some replacement windows, and one of the salesmen (not all(?)) said that the window (not sliding door) has to be tempered glass per code requirements. We live in Pinellas County, FL. Can anyone point me to any information about this? We have a pool fence that is up all the time...
  19. poolnoobgrandma

    Getting ready for swim season!

    After recent storms and winds, have MAJOR pollen in the pool. That, plus warmer weather, was feeding something unwanted, so my SWG suddenly "wasn't keeping up." I've bumped up the chlorine, changed out my skimmer sock, added the CYA to bring to 80, and am running the robot multiple times...
  20. poolnoobgrandma

    In praise of Cal-Hypo --- for some

    We live in Florida, have a SWG, and lots of rain (read drain). Following the rules here, I rarely need to add chlorine, and have no problem with high calcium levels due to lots of rain/drain. Big jugs of chlorine just sit and go bad. I just ordered and received a 24 pack of one-pound cal-hypo...
  21. poolnoobgrandma

    Saftron Trident Series handrails photos?

    Does anyone have pictures of installed Saftron Trident Series handrails? We are about to pull the trigger on getting these installed, and would love to see how you used them by pool and/or spa. I've done image searches on the web, but am not finding a lot.
  22. poolnoobgrandma

    Best palms to add privacy above fence

    Our house backs up to a church that has a tall two-story building right behind us. We don't have a lot of room between our patio and the fence. I'd like to plant some palms that would add privacy at the top of the fence, without eating up a lot of space right in front of the fence. For folks in...
  23. poolnoobgrandma

    Not a pool construction question... but... need help on choosing between apples to apples quotes for other work

    We're getting some tree work done, and the two companies in the running have almost identical quotes, great reputations, both have done work for satisfied neighbors, etc., etc. I really hate to just flip a coin, but it's very apples to apples, and they both have the same barrel! Even the...
  24. poolnoobgrandma

    Snagged two propane heaters at a great price before they were out of stock

    "Tall-Mocha-Mainstays-Patio-Heater" They were $117 each when we got them. $138 now on Amazon, but doesn't arrive until March. If they come back in at the discount price, I recommend them!
  25. poolnoobgrandma

    Any tips for cleaning Maytronics filter when you don't want to get wet?

    In the summer I don't mind a bit of spray, but it's COLD outside and I'm really not up for getting colder while spraying my S200 filters. I adopted the TPF idea of getting my water sample with a PVC pipe, and so never have to get wet to test my water. Does anyone have any tips or tricks to clean...
  26. poolnoobgrandma

    More patio paradise than pool, but...

    Hubby set up a G-guage layout to enjoy with the grandkids while it's too cold to swim
  27. poolnoobgrandma

    Ah, memories

    This popped up in my photos. So much better now!
  28. poolnoobgrandma

    Poolmath is asking me to resubscribe too early.

    My last subscription to pool math started on March 28th of 2020, and I'm getting asked to subscribe to premium in order to log my test results.
  29. poolnoobgrandma

    Cold water and chlorine

    Well, I have given up turning down the SWCG percentage and dropped it to zero so that my chlorine will drop into the desired range. Cold weather, shorter days, and no one using the pool is lowering my chlorine demand to almost nada. It's been sitting above 10 all week as I've dropped the...
  30. poolnoobgrandma

    Ah, fall!!

    Love the time change for movie night....