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    Dog potty area ideas?

    I left some grass for the dog. It’s extra work but I guess that’s the price for having a pet. Anything else will stink overtime without watering and cleaning.
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    What you all think of the plaster job?

    Are the leaves in there or just the imprint? I have one tiny Italian Cypress needle imprint in my plaster. Only I can notice it but I keep getting mad when I see it. Just can’t seem to remember to fix it. I don’t want to call the PB for a speck.
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    Embarking on a new pool in Austin, TX

    3 year warranty is nice
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    Muriatic Acid Use

    This strength isn’t available in all areas. I have to get the strong stuff in the next county over. Our county only sells 14.5%
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    input on a good cordless bluetooth speaker

    I got the Kicker Bullfrog recently. Sounds good and good battery life. It looks like a cheese grader is the only con. My JBL had battery issues and finally died completely after a couple years.
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    Type of plaster to choose?

    I asked our builder about Diamond Brite and he said it’s a waste of money but we’ll do it if you want. I passed on it and just went with white standard plaster. Only 9 months old but looks good.
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    Battling small amount of algae

    They do disappear instantly with a quick brushing. Even my hand can remove it easily. I just sort of panic at the first sight of any issues with a new pool. I’ll just have to step up my brushing. The worst of the heat for the year will be over soon too. Earlier in the summer I didn’t have this...
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    Battling small amount of algae

    I am thinking the same thing. It is in areas sort of off to the side of return Jets and it has been 100 degrees so the shallow water must be pretty hot. I’ll up the pump times some until the heat passes. So it is possible for algae to grow even with correct levels with poor circulation/covered...
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    Battling small amount of algae

    I just tested today after brushing and the filter running about 20-30min. That’s when I got FC 9ppm and CYA 40. Tested CYA about 5 times to make sure it was 40. Started to disappear at 50 but could still see it.
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    Battling small amount of algae

    I have been having this problem for a month or so. I get small patches of algae on the walls once in a while. Today it has been hot with the solar cover on and when I took it off I had a couple spots. One on the shallow wall by the sun shelf and some on the wall by the shallow spa step. All test...
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    Chemicals all in range, small green patch on wall

    Forgot to mention, the water isn’t cloudy. We have had cloudy weather lately and in the photo it makes it look kind of off.
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    Chemicals all in range, small green patch on wall

    Chlorine loss is .5 overnight. Tested 8.0 at 10:15pm and 7.5 at 6:45am
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    Chemicals all in range, small green patch on wall

    Thanks. I’ll add another quart now and report back on the OCLT
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    Chemicals all in range, small green patch on wall

    I took my solar cover off this morning to check chemicals and brush and was disappointed to see a green spot on the small 10” deep section of pool wall on the shelf. It was bright green and maybe 3”x10”. It immediately came off with one swipe of the brush. I checked chemicals and all are in...
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    Dolphin Nautilus leaving black marks

    The cheapest and easiest but ugly is to get the JB weld white marine epoxy stick and make a bumper along both sides wherever it contacts the pool. Along the bottom edge and around the tank tread wheel guards. The best solution is to replace the black with white plastic. If you have the Dolphin...
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    How long is it really taking?

    Contract signed last August filled with water in December. A couple minor repairs lingered a couple more months.
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    Solar cover issues

    Cut mine in 3 because I hated battling with it in 1 huge piece
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    Contract examples?

    I live and work in CA. Once you have a judgement notify the CSLB or threaten to. They will suspend their license. A lien is another option. Like you said though it is 100% the last resort but don’t get ripped off because it requires some work.
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    Solar cover issues

    If you chemical levels are right you can leave it on. It slows evaporation and chlorine use during the day. Take it off every few days. I cut mine in 3 pieces to make it easy to remove and install
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    High acid demand

    My new pool was filled in December and just recently has the acid demand begun to slow down. It is sort of alarming at first. Just give it what it wants
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    Contract examples?

    To a point. Small claims court is free and easy. That won’t cover the whole cost but most screw ups will be. You can always ask for addendum to the contract for changes and/or additions. Get everything you can in writing. If the builder knows you won’t be taken advantage of, they will usually...
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    Contract examples?

    I’m a contract manager. Boring as it sounds the #1 rule, READ it. Every line every word. If you don’t like it, ask them to change it. I sent it back 4 times before signing. Ideas of what to look for here:
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    Protective clothing to wear when pouring chlorine

    Pour carefully from a 1 gallon container. Flawless if careful and not distracted.
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    Name your Top 5 inventions of all time

    1.Plumbing / drinking water 2. Coffee 3. Farming 4. Truck 5. Motorcycle
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    Not understanding the lure of robotic cleaners..

    I always found myself running the pump more. I usually vacuum before swimming and I had to run at a higher speed to vacuum and skim at the same time using more energy. Significant? Maybe not. I just find the robot is easy, quiet and does a better job faster. Also less filter cleanings. It comes...
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    Not understanding the lure of robotic cleaners..

    My Dolphin Nautilus is from 2013. Still works great. Showing it’s age in appearance but that’s it. I hated running the pump for hours to use the suction cleaner and having the hoses all over, taking them out, filling the with water.....
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    What's your robot's name?

    Uncle Drew.
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    Umbrella holders in lawn/concrete suggestions

    I have both. I got some custom sized shade sails and umbrellas. The trick I found for umbrellas is get a planter/pot you like put a sleeve in it and fill with concrete. The umbrellas break before the wind will knock them over. Moveable with a hand truck. I like the painting the string/Edison...