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  1. Quinten

    Heat Pump in Las Vegas?

    Seems that I am having difficulty locating a contractor to install a heat pump in Las Vegas. Those I have spoken with recommend against using a heat pump, even contacted Leslies who sell and install heat pumps in other area of the country but do not carry them in Las Vegas. From what I have...
  2. Quinten

    Question on plumbing for SWG

    Looking at converting to a salt chlorine pool and I'm trying to determine the plumbing for the SWG cell. Can any SWG cell be mounted vertically? I don't have much space to work with before running into a lot of valves and junctions that I would want to leave as they are. There is also a...
  3. Quinten

    Just Joined... Hello

    Found this forum and have some questions regarding converting out inground gunite pool from chlorine tabs to salt/chlorine. Was thinking of hopefully being able to do it myself but would hire the job out if necessary. I'll see what I find on here and probably have some questions...