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  1. Berger82

    Official 2021 BBQ, Smoking, Grilling, Baking and Beer thread

    Was my first time cooking these and was shooting for around 5 hours. Dinner needed to "get done" so I finished them in the oven. Wouldve like to let them rest a little while longer. Ill plan for around 7 hours next time. Also, I didnt know if these would stall like brisket, sure enough they did...
  2. Berger82

    Official 2021 BBQ, Smoking, Grilling, Baking and Beer thread

    I submit to yall.....Prime beef plate ribs. Smoked with hickory and pecan, 250, about 6 hours
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  7. Berger82

    SWG install

    Thanks @CaptainCannonball . I saw that and it got me thinking, is there anything special about the pipe or fittings...or could I just go buy those parts myself?
  8. Berger82

    SWG install

    I'm going to be making the switch to salt water soon and have a few questions. Will be installing the Circupool RJ-45. All help is appreciated. 1. With my current control panel, do I need to purchase a separate timer, or will this handle my needs. If it matters, I run my pump 24/7. 2. Looking...
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  14. Berger82

    Official 2021 BBQ, Smoking, Grilling, Baking and Beer thread

    Couple of smokes over the last month..... Prime Tri Tip with shrimp poppers (mozz, jalapeno, bacon). Made a wet rub (rosemary, thyme, sage w/ olive oil) for the Tri Tip, similar to what youd do for a prime rib roast. St Louis spare ribs smoked for 5 hours (no wrapping)...perfection
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  19. Berger82

    Official 2021 BBQ, Smoking, Grilling, Baking and Beer thread

    I came across this explanation from another site the other day... There are three kinds of beef ribs you can find at a store: beef back ribs, short ribs, and chuck ribs. Beef back ribs are the equivalent of pork back ribs. They are cut away from the rib-eye, one of the most expensive...
  20. Berger82

    Sugar Land TX, New Pool Build - looking for suggestions

    Just a hunch, but I dont think many magnolia leaves are going to get picked up by any kind of cleaner...except a net. Those leaves are pretty big and I can imagine them causing some issues with a robot.
  21. Berger82

    1st Pool Build | Sugar Land - 09/1 Skimmer, Autofill, Plumbing update

    Howdy neighbor....dont worry about the CH from the fill water, were fine in this area. I have my autofill plumbed to my irrigation system and in our 4 seasons with the pool, the CH always is within 250-400 range.
  22. Berger82

    Having a real hard time with my new pool

    John, for future reference since youre new to this, we have similar size pools (18,500) and I use 1 gallon of 10% PER day....yes everyday I have to pour a jug in. My pool is in full sun all day and I will will burn through 3-4 ppm of chlorine daily (between Jun-Aug). I run my FC on the higher...
  23. Berger82

    How to Store Test Kit Equipment

    Wow...lot of overthinking here. I test, empty, shakem, throw back in the box, and back to the top of my refrigerator 😄
  24. Berger82

    Liquid Chlorine Cost Increase @ Home Depot

    The Home Depot I frequent switched from HDX to Pool Essentials. its a 4 pack @ $16. Last year the 3 pack of HDX ran around $9.
  25. Berger82

    First time build in Georgetown, Tx. Any advice much appreciated!

    Here is our tiered beam with sheer descents. Ive seen other members with a similar set up on free form pools...perhaps they show what they have. Also, get the auto fill. I have one and love it. While the thought of filling the pool up once a week with the water hose may seem like nothing...
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  27. Berger82

    First time build in Georgetown, Tx. Any advice much appreciated!

    If you are wanting a water feature, have you considered a raised beam with either scuppers or sheer descents? Just my opinion, but the rock waterfall you have is minimal and looks out of place, respectfully. Also, a saltwater pool IS a chlorine pool...the difference is how that chlorine is made :)
  28. Berger82

    Pool Build Finally Started - Bryan, TX (11/4/20)

    Was there a reason you did not extend the decking all the way to the house (foundation)? What are you going to place in that small area , rocks?
  29. Berger82

    New Build - Austin, Texas - Slide Video

    Whats going on with the exposed pvc on top of the spa?