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  1. jaindesi

    Pool heater sizing

    How do you select a right BTU for the pool? Below are the pics of my current heater. I thinks it's larger in size for the Pool I have. I know larger heater will heat the water faster and also use more gas in the process. Do I really need a larger heater for this pool size?
  2. jaindesi

    Cloudy water/DE Filter

    Hello All. Hope everyone is ready for Memorial Day weekend. Like to say thank you in advance. This year it taking very long time to get the water to get super clear. I have dumped tons of liquid chlorine to get the water clear. I still have to get the test done for the day but I know...
  3. jaindesi


    Anyone use this for opening their pool? Came in my instagram feed.
  4. jaindesi

    Pool Heater

    We have a pool heater that came with the house. We have never used or tested it since I moved here in Dec 2018. Today I try to switch it on and nothing happens. The display is blank. I checked the breaker, switch on the heater and gas valve. everything is on. There is no separate breaker...
  5. jaindesi

    Liquid CL and 3 inch pucks for chlorination

    Hello Experts, I wanted to know if we can use Liquid CL/bleach along with 3 inch pucks same time. Here is the scenario: Use liquid CL to get the water clear. Keep the FC level at the target number after SLAM is done. Than use 3 inch pucks to continue to chlorinate the pool water. I know...
  6. jaindesi

    Water Chemistry levels

    Here are are my numbers from half hour ago Cl 5ppm Ph7.5 FC 16.5 CC 1.5 TC 18 CH 125 ppm TA 60 CYA 20 or lower. I know numbers are low for CYA, CH, TA. Not sure about TC. What do I need to get? I have tons of trichhlore 3 inch tablets, borax and the product you see in the pic. What else do...
  7. jaindesi

    Return lines

    I just opened the pool for the summer season after getting tile work fixed There are four return lines coming in to my pool. One is a waterfall other three are in the wall. So, only one is spewing water. One of the line has been plugged since we bought the house and forth one which I know...
  8. jaindesi

    Water not reaching motor

    So I opened the pool myself this season. I took out all the plugs from return lines, gismos from skimmer and plug inside motor. Also opened both valves one from skimmers and one from bottom of the pool drain. I am not seeing water reaching the motor/pump. What am I missing?
  9. jaindesi

    Anything I can do

    So I am waiting for mortar to set properly for two weeks. Water level way below the third step. Water is just getting dirtier. Can I add anything to the water so control the algee? I am planning to add water back in on Monday June 8th.
  10. jaindesi

    Pool steps

    Hello Everyone, Looking for your help with my pool steps. As you can see it in the red circle area. Tiles have become loose on two steps. I am lowering the water level so both steps are above the water line and I can work on dry condition. What can I get to repair this?
  11. jaindesi

    Little giant pool pump

    I have the little giant pump that we placed on the stairs of the pool to remove any access water during pool closing. I just noticed that pump hasn't worked entire winter season. Water level is so high under the cover. What's the best way to troubleshoot this little giant pumps once I open...
  12. jaindesi

    Closing the pool now

    Is it good idea to close the pool now or wait till leaves are down? I have family emergency that requires my full attention. I do not have time to add water or clan the skimmer basket as I am not home most of the time. I am thinking about just closing the pool for this season.
  13. jaindesi

    DE filter with zero pressure

    Hello everyone...this morning I noticed my filter had zero pressure. I was doing the SLAM process since i haven't been on top of my game in maintaining the pool. It was turning green. I have the skimmer and the bottom drain open so water filters. Water level in the pool also keeps dropping...
  14. jaindesi

    Cement and sand in the pool

    Cement and joint grout is coming loose around steps. Is there a good vac i can use to suck out all the sand type material. Manual one that attaches to my standard filter doesn't suck up the sand. I do have the Polaris 280 but it's needs to be looked at and i know it will not pick up stuff...
  15. jaindesi

    Copper Ionizer

    TFP...What's your take on the copper ionizer to keep algae out of your pool. There are few different variants out there. Any preference. Positives and Negatives?
  16. jaindesi

    Algee prevention

    So I have been pretty good with cleaning the bottom of the pool skimming off the leaves at the top and emptying out the skimmers once a day. Water has been clear. Only see little bit algee on the steps and around hooks for volleyball net that's built into gunite pool. I use the floaters in...
  17. jaindesi

    Polaris 280 Vac

    Previous owner left the Polaris 280 vac in the pool. The reverse valve broke last season. I bought a new one and now vac doesn't suck up anything. In the beginning it use to just move around. Now it doesn't do anything. I wanted to just get rid of it and not use a vac. I have been manually...
  18. jaindesi

    Pump inlet question

    In the picture, i have two inlets going in to pool pump than in to the filter. How do I know out of the, which one is from skimmer and bottom drain? I have bottom drain located in the deep part of the pool and two skimmers on both sides.
  19. jaindesi


    I am new to the pool. Recently bought a house with a in ground pool. Hired someone to open the pool for this season. Everything was going well until I went on a 4 day vacation and water started to get cloudy. Now I am not able to get it to be crystal clear. I am using 3" puck tablets in...
  20. jaindesi

    New to forum - Bridgewate, NJ

    Hello Everyone. First time pool owner. Recently bought a house that came with a pool. Pic is from last year when we bought the house. Right now the pool is covered. Looking to open for the new season. I have zero knowledge about this and not sure what should I do. Should I try to open the...