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    Still no hardness?

    I just refilled my tub. Soft water. My Taylor kit test says the sample should turn red if calcium is present. It didn't so I added 10 oz. calcium chloride and ran jets. Tested again and still no red. Added 10 oz. more and ran jets. Still no red. Tried my HTH test kit thinking maybe Taylor test...
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    These squirt guns from the dollar store work great! Long enough to use from outside the tub.
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    "chalky" residue on shell

    I use softened water at fill up. I use bromide+bromine tabs and bleach per the sticky here. I use a Taylor test kit and maintain the water perfectly. I just did a drain/refill and noticed that, below the water line, the tub looks "chalky". What is it from and what's the best way to remove it...
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    sanitizing vs oxidizing

    I understand that I should maintain 3-4ppm of bromine in my water for sanitation. At what concentration(ppm) does bromine begin to also oxidize waste?
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    CH importance in a spa ?

    I just refilled my tub and I used softened water this time because I wanted to try having some salt in my water and I figured that was the easiest way. I guess I could have crushed up softener salt and added that to the spa instead. The softener removes most of the calcium from the water. I...
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    Salt/soft water ok?

    My spa's manual says to bypass my home's water softener when filling the tub, so I do. I use bromine for sanitation per the Sticky here. My wife doesn't use our spa because she says it dries out her skin. I've been reading that salty pool/spa water feels better on the skin. My shower's water...
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    Newb with bromine tub (drop chlorine quickly?)

    I've read the sticky. Searches turn up a wealth of info. but I soon get overwhelmed with chemistry talk. Maybe I need to get deep into the chemistry but I'm hoping not. I've got the alkalinty @ 80. I'm using bromine tabs in a floater. No ozonator. Before bathing, PH and bromine looked good on...