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    The cover is off, last year was my first year

    Last year was my first year taking care of the pool since my husband died. I feel like I forgot most of what I learned here. I apologize if I'm not posting this in the correct place. I've reread several topics, watched videos again and I'm ready to SLAM with your help. Here are my starting...
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    Sand in pool / filter nightmare

    Story followed by questions ... Last season I noticed sand in the pool near the jet closest to the filter/pump. I wanted to remove the filter sand and inspect the laterals before opening this season. I have a Hayward S-244T. I removed the top mount valve clamp and was unable to lift the...
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    Chlorine vanashes

    My husband died leaving me, a total inexperienced pool person, with the task of pool maintenance. I've read many posts and reviewd Pool School several times. It's time for me to ask for your help. From reviewing posts I believe you'll want to know what I have: Inground, vinyl, 18 X 36...