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    Saltron Mini in hot tub

    I've read pretty good reviews on this site about the Saltron mini, I currently use the bleach method but it can be hard to keep adding daily chlorine. I have a 500 Gal tub with ozone. Just curious on everyone's opinion, I've heard a few people mention how the salt can harm some equipment.
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    Leaving town for 2 months

    Hi everyone, I have a Hydropool Self clean model with UV/ozone that uses liquid chlorine. I have to leave town for about 2 months. Any suggestions on how to best leave the tub? I am going to drain and refill when I return regardless. I was thinking of just setting to "vacation" mode and...
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    Treating Spa after kids use? Is this too much?

    Hello, I have been following the helpful advice of the folks on this site and also doing the dichlor/bleach method. I have been using 10% bleach after use, but I think i am not using quite enough as I had some cloudiness and doing some SLAM now to clear. We regularly have 3 or 4 adults and 3...
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    WaterGuru in a hot tub?

    Does anyone have a water guru and use it for a hot tub? I know it's meant for a pool skimmer, but my tub has a large skimmer. I would have to think of a way to modify it but it could work I think? Thoughts?
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    High CYA in 2 week old hot tub?

    Hello I have a 2 week old 500 gallon Hydropool with Ozone. I have been adding 2oz of granulated Dichlor daily as we have a large family of 7. Today I tested the CYA as very high around 200-300. Am I doing something wrong that this happened so soon? I am aware of the regular bleach method...
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    Hydropool 770P w/ Ozone - Dichlor granules daily vs Trichlor tabs in dispenser?

    Hi everyone, I have a new Hydropool 770P with Ozone and UV-C. It has a built in dispenser in the filter for 1" tablets. My dealer told me to add granulated Dichlor daily, but I am worried about being able to do this daily if I am traveling etc. I read the benefits of Dichlor over Trichlor...
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    Hydropool Spa Filter and heat modes?

    Hello, I have a new Hydropool 770 spa. It has several filtering and heating modes which are explained poorly in the manual. We use it daily right now, should I just leave it in standard filtering mode? I am assuming it is cleaning and heating 24/7. TIA! WATER CARE The Water Care section...
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    New Spa in Ohio

    Hi everyone. I’ve got a new hot tub (Hydropool 770) with Ozone and UV. I’ve been able to balance the water but everyday regardless of bathers the CL goes to nearly 0. For example last night I added CL and for a reading of 6. Tonight after no bathers all day I had a CL reading of 0. Is this...