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    Pentair Intelliconnect Issues

    Pretty sure my Intelliconnect is dead but figured I'd post here while I wait for Pentair and/or my pool builder to open. All the sudden tonight our Intelliconnect will not power on. Tried resetting the power via power switch into the Intelliconnect, reset breakers, etc., everything. The pump...
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    New Pool, First Test Results With TF-100

    New 12,500 gallon plaster pool. Pool has been running for 2 weeks. Been testing with a simple Pentair kit from the PB until I just got the TF-100. Results are below. Would appreciate some thoughts. Thanks in advance! FC: 1 pH: 7.5 TA: 110 CH: 375 CYA: 20 (however, I put the whole bottle of...
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    Small Crack In Gunite

    Small crack in gunite that we've had for probably 2 months. Probably 3'-4' long. Should I be really concerned about this? We're about to plaster but just noticed this.
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    Plumbing Done, Want To Drop Booster Pump

    Hello! We are in the middle of our pool build; first pool. We are through tile and coping, so our plumbing is all done. I've recently been learning a lot more, mostly thanks to this site, and I've decided I want to invest in a robot cleaner. Being completely unknowledgeable when we signed...
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    Hey from North Texas!

    In the middle of a pool build in Fort Worth, TX. It's my first pool and I know nothing! Searching around online trying to learn ahead of time and stumbled on this site as a recommendation from somewhere else. Already learning a good deal from searching around the site. Glad to be here and...