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  1. PoolNewb2020

    For sale TF100 refill kit

    Hi, I have a new, never opened TF100 refill kit for sale. We recently sold our house and moved to one without a pool. I bought this refill kit around December 2020 and it has always been stored in our kitchen cabinet. During the move I kept it with me instead of the moving truck. Therefore It...
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  3. PoolNewb2020

    How Clear is TFP Clear? Let's See (Pics Please).

    After one year of using TFP method the water is still crystal clear and I had no issues with the pool what so ever. Sadly, we are moving out of this house soon and the new house has no pool :(
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  5. PoolNewb2020

    Draining Pool TDS

    Stop worrying about freezing. A body of water doesn't go solid simply because temperature has reached a freezing point.
  6. PoolNewb2020

    Draining Pool TDS

    I don't understand why you are draining. Temps going to the freezing point or even slightly below for few hours during the night, will not freeze water in the pipes, pump or filter.
  7. PoolNewb2020

    Wanting as low a FC as possible for SWG pool.

    Do not be afraid of chlorine, it is pretty much the most effective sanitation option out there and is it also cost effective. I've been maintaining my FC levels between 6 and 8 ppm, because my CYA is at 50ppm. No chlorine smell, no itchy eyes or skin, even on my children. As long as the FC...
  8. PoolNewb2020

    TFTestKits has refills on sale thru Nov 1

    R-0870 and R-0871 alone run for about & $20 on Amazon, add R-0013 and we're in the $30s. At this point the refill kit looks like a really good value IMO.
  9. PoolNewb2020

    TFTestKits has refills on sale thru Nov 1

    Yup, got the email today. Will order mine soon.
  10. PoolNewb2020

    How Clear is TFP Clear? Let's See (Pics Please).

    Love that turtle pic taken at a weird angle. At first glance it does look like turtles swimming in your pool. Nice camera work (y)
  11. PoolNewb2020

    Different FC results - “R-0870 w/ R-0871” vs. “Taylor K-1000 w/ R-0014”

    The OTO test, for TFP maintained FC levels, is pretty much only good for indicating if there is chlorine in the water. I let my kids use it as they like the color change. FAS-DPD is the test you want to use.
  12. PoolNewb2020

    Minor Alge "cloud" when brushing

    I would probably still bring FC to SLAM level for a day or two and then maintain FC between 6 and 8ppm. 4ppm for CYA of 50 is the bare minimum and your pool should not see this level too often.
  13. PoolNewb2020

    Pool company can't get the water right in our new pool and wants to take out the glass media and put sand in possibly.

    This is a sad situation to be in for sure with a brand new pool. And pool builders are just that. Read up on the filter media, if sand is better get your PB to change it. Beyond that, I think you're better off taking the matters into your own hands and following TFP's SLAM Process. Your PB will...
  14. PoolNewb2020

    Why choose TF-100 or Taylor K2006? And, preview of the new TF-Pro and TF-Pro SALT

    That new TF100 box and packaging looks really nice. I like it a lot!
  15. PoolNewb2020

    Slamming works!!!

    Nice job, but don't be afraid of chlorine. When you add liquid chlorine, aim for the max ppm for your CYA level. Your water will feel no different, but you will have a much larger safety margin.
  16. PoolNewb2020

    pH testing mistakes?

    This may be a reading error/inconsistency, at least that's how it looks to me, there is no 7.9 PH on the scale so there is some interpretation going on or over analyzing/over thinking on OPs part. Try using 4 drops instead of 5, it may help. This test is not meant to be super accurate and as...
  17. PoolNewb2020

    Question on test results

    If your SWG has no problems generating FC and keeping up with demand, without it running 24/7 and at or near 100%, then your CYA level is fine. Also, running the FC levels on the high side is preferable as it adds a safety margin for things like excessive rain, swimmers, etc. There is little...
  18. PoolNewb2020

    help with Dry acid On fresh fill pool please

    Was the pool filled up recently or are you just going by the pool store test? How have you been chlorinating your pool up until now, liquid chlorine, salt water generator or 3 inch pucks? If it was filled up recently, since tap water has 0 CYA, it will be safe to add 30ppm worth of CYA based on...
  19. PoolNewb2020

    Chlorine Test Color as a Function of Concentration

    Since that's not how the concentration of free chlorine is measured, I highly doubt there is any reference. But from my experience, the higher the FC, the darker pink the sample turns once the powder is added. But I never had FC higher than 10ppm, so I don't know if it gets even darker pink, or...
  20. PoolNewb2020

    pH testing mistakes?

    Looking at the logs above, something doesn't add up. On 8/20 PH was 8.1, 32 ounces of acid was added, then on 8/22 PH was tested as 7.2. Well, 32oz of acid on a 38k gallon pool will only lower PH by 0.2. This kind of change is simply not possible with the amount of acid used. More concerning...
  21. PoolNewb2020

    Can't commit to daily bleach, what's 2nd best?

    Automation is one thing, tuning it in is quite another. It doesnt matter if you have to add FC manually or via an SWG, you will have to test on regular basis, daily at first to know how your chemistry behaves. There is really no way around that fact. The act of adding chlorine manually takes a...
  22. PoolNewb2020

    New inground radiant pool filling up

    I would wait several days, probably a week, before measuring CYA. Chances are your PB guy dumped the CYA granules into the skimmer, so it is all in your filter, dissolving slowly.
  23. PoolNewb2020

    Another "Not Sparkling" Pool post - Looking for help

    The pool industry truly does a fantastic job at making people scared of chlorine. Yet their methods, more often than not, lead to unsanitary water, but most people don't think twice about swimming in it. Think about it this way. You have hazy water and your filter is green, a clear indication...
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    Not a welcome pop-up for sure. I got a glimpse at it before it diapered and it was something about obnoxious and PM messages. That's why I went looking for it.
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    Yes, I got it too this morning and was about to start a thread asking what it was. Looks like I'm not the only one. Like was already mentioned, it disappeared before I could read it in full. I don't mind pop-ups, but I was expecting it would also show up either in my inbox or notifications. But...
  26. PoolNewb2020

    New pool - second filling

    I don't think it matters much what time you test and add chlorine, as long as you stick to it. So don't add chlorine in the morning one day and then do it the next day, but in the evening because that will be way over 24h period. I prefer to do it in the evening because I simply have more time...
  27. PoolNewb2020

    Are some pool chemicals that the salespeople push unnecessary?

    The way I see it, it is irrelevant who says what. The results speak for themselves. And it's quite clear from the thousands of members here, from not only US but around the world, that the TFP methods simply work. And I have yet to see a one size fits all responses here, well maybe with the...
  28. PoolNewb2020

    New pool - second filling

    With 60ppm CYA you can still manage you FC quite effectively, but you will most likely have to us liquid chlorine. Definitely no trichlor or dichlor as they contain CYA and since we do not know your CH level, calhypo should be out of the question as well. So with CYA of 60ppm your target FC...
  29. PoolNewb2020

    New pool - second filling

    Hi and welcome to the forum! You came to the right place. However, it does help the experts a lot of you fill out your signature about your equipment. You can follow this link Create Your Signature - Further Reading What do you estimate your pool volume to be? If you know it, you can download...
  30. PoolNewb2020

    CYA measurement

    I do the same. I tried filling to specific lines few times and, like in your case, I could not get a repeatable reading. My guess is that I had a pre-conceived notion of what the reading should fall under before I even got a chance to look for the dot. Which influenced how I "saw" the dot...