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  1. Canned Heat

    New Hayward Filter Leaking Drain Cap

    I've had this same problem for about 2 years....pool we inherited with the house. Plumber of all people was the previous home owner who had made rough work of the drain port threads and the drain cap/grip. Used the new wider teflon tape and that worked for most of last year somewhat well. This...
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    Solar Cover Reel Support...?

    That would probably work...ideally I just need one to pivot the reel out of the way like in the video.
  3. Canned Heat

    Deep Cleaning sand filter with filtration glass

    You should have good results doing this same treatment ------ > Deep Cleaning a Sand Filter
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    Luck with Solar Cover Warranty Claim?

    We bought one from that they did apply warranty to when it failed. We opted for a clear version in the thickest possible and this thing is crazy good - but as mentioned, you need to cover these when rolled up and off to the side if it's going to be in the sun the majority of the...
  5. Canned Heat

    Solar Cover Reel Support...?

    Leave it to Youtube....this is what I need - but I don't like the fact that it's permanent. Good start though.
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    Solar Cover Reel Support...?

    So I remember a post someone had in a thread regarding storage of the reel w/ cover on it while the pool was in use. Like a 2x4 / 4x4 built support end . Be darned if I can find it here now. My issue is our solar reel supports are dead center in our 28' round Doughboy AGP. I typically roll it up...
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    Solar cover thickness?

    Heat retention with the 16 is a big factor on why I keep buying them. I am also in the middle of nowhere and it gets windy often by me. The 16 mil stays put a heck of a lot better than any lighter ones. Good luck either way.
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    Solar covers?

    I would disagree with you on one part of that. I buy the 16 mil. Yes, they do only last 3 seasons (especially here in WI), but the difference in thermal retention and heat gains with the thicker one is night and day. Plus, the heavier ones stay in place much better in windy conditions. Just my 2...
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    Mystery skimmer

    I've seen equalizer valves/ports that would allow the skimmer to keep operating if the water level got below the skimmer opening....kind of a safety valve to prevent blowing up a pump rather than burning up in an dry run situation. Not sure if that's what this is, but....
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    Water loss

    Agree....leak seems almost certain. I'm wide open to the wind and fully exposed to sun 100% of the time and at most have lost 1/2"-5/8"....maybe 3/4" to an inch with a boatload of kids splashing around on top of those losses. If you were in an arid climate....I'd think twice about it....but that...
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    Skim A Round All in one basket

    I actually just ordered one....heard pretty good things. We'll have to see. Don't have it yet. I also purchased a 3 pack of the skimmer basket socks at our local Meijer store....just for craps 'n giggles. Had my pump running last night for about 3 hours and I like what the sock is doing. I am...
  12. Canned Heat

    AGP flex hose conversion to hard pipe

    Well done. I was looking for someone that had a situation similar to what I have going on. I am in the process of converting mine to 100% hard pipe for a lot of the same reasons you mentioned. None of mine will be below grade....just too much of a PITA and a worry with the winters we get here in...
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    pool help3.gif

  15. Canned Heat

    Looking for cover reel solution for AGP

    My "neighbor" (about 1/3rd of a mile to the North) has almost the exact same configuration as what's shown there. They fold / roll theirs up and then hang it on a set of 4 very large hooks they bought and mounted along the outside edge of their deck railing. Wind is not our friend many times...
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    pool help2.jpg

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    Skirted Winter Cover for AGP

    I own a 28' (x 52") round Doughboy Tuscany. No issues whatsoever until it turns to winter. I live out in the sticks and the wind is a challenge for us with either a winter or solar cover. Hopefully a deck around the pool takes care of some of that issue next year. Anyway...I searched before...
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    Thinking of a DIY heater with a black hose

    I made one using plywood, 2x4s, black spray paint, and black HD garden hoses that my wife found somewhere on Pinterest or something. This link and image gives you the idea of how it all comes together, to a degree. This pic...
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    pool heater pic.jpg

  20. Canned Heat

    Best color for solar cover? And thickness? And....

    Last year I bought the clear 16 mil for ours, replacing an older blue one whose lifespan was up after 3 or 4 years. This thing has been nothing short of staggering on a performance level. Blows my cheap 5 or 8 mil blue one out of the water, no pun intended. I will never go with anything other...
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    Questions about closing

    24 hours after with continuous pump....and ditto on skipping the PQ
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    Winter cover hold down - jugs, bags or cable?

    In the past I've used a few shorter hoses and sucked to a siphon to rid the water on top. Now I own a 1 hp pump that pulls any water I have off and out thru a hose in a matter of about 3-5 minutes max. If I used a micro-mesh cover (like a neighbor did....once) my pool would look like chocolate...
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    pool closed.jpg

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    Closing Pool Questions

    "Do we need to drain water to 6 inches below the skimmer? Filling the pool in the Spring with a well takes a good amount of time." I only drained a few inches below the skimmer just to remove the water and plug with Gizmo's. If you have enough rainfall (depending on cover) and snow, the pool...
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  26. Canned Heat

    Winter cover hold down - jugs, bags or cable?

    I'll try to post pic(s) tomorrow or Sunday of mine. I have a 28' round 52" Doughboy Tuscany. It has been a b***h the last few years, but kids are high school age now so it's gotten much easier for all of us. I use 2 air pillows, tying mason string to keep them about 12-16 inches apart. Then I...
  27. Canned Heat

    Deep Cleaning a Sand Filter

    Is there a way to overflow the filter without pouring water all over the place? My filter is in a pool shed with wooden floors (and questionable electrical that I still need to sort out). I don't feel safe overflowing the filter onto the floor. Use a ratchet strap and a dolly and move it to a...
  28. Canned Heat

    solar cover question to keep it in place

    Thanks for the tip. Seems to be doing the trick on keeping it down on the water, and I poured some water on top of it to help. My set up has the roll up reel right in the center span of the pool and between the straps and the fold over for clip attachment the wind was grabbing those like a...
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