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    Mommy in Freak-Out Mode

    As a preface, my sister sent me this news: Authorities Release 911 Call of Bode Millers Daughter Drowning | this morning which I mentioned to a friend who lives in the Southwest and she told me that she knows two people who lost children last year in pools. I have three children under...
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    So it’s Pebbletec and... Pebbletec, then?

    I feel like I’m the new kid at school and everyone is snickering because they all know the answer already. I found some old posts from like 2007 about granite or something but from what I can tell, my only options for resurfacing our existing plaster pool are plaster or a Pebbletec product...
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    Hello From Soaking Wet Working Mother

    Hello TFP Community, I’m new here. My name is Joanna. I have three children under the age of six and a very full time job and my husband and I just bought a house with a pool. I grew up competitively swimming and so I’m excited to have a pool but also terrified. For one thing, my husband’s job...