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    How to connect plumbing on fiberglass pool

    I can't make out the words next to blue, orange and black. can i ask what those are labeled as?
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    How to connect plumbing on fiberglass pool

    Thank you very very much!!!
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    How to connect plumbing on fiberglass pool

    We continue with our DIY pool project (people we hired walked off on the job and have been unresponsive) . We are now going to work on the plumbing; And here is what we have: 16x40 fiberglass rectangle pool 9x10 fiberglass spa Pool sweeper 3 water fall features attached is our pool diagram...
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    Talking to contractor, backfill and liner stairs questions

    Did you use pea gravel for the side backfill as well? We did peagravel for base but were told to use 3/4 rock for the backfill.
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    Backfill question!

    Here is the photo of the skimmer and also shows the type of rock we purchased. We did use some concrete sand and watered every 5-8 inches. We didn't purchase enough so today we will be bringing more. i will follow your advice and bring in more stone. In regards to the entrance of the pool...
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    Backfill question!

    Thank you! We were able to do this and the shell is not crooked, they were able to get it leveled thank goodness! Today we have concrete sand coming as well as crushed stone (a combination because the hole was dug too big. We decided to use concrete sand around the pool then fill the balance of...
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    Backfill question!

    Thank you. Okay, we ended up setting the pool with the crane company we hired however, the man that was helping us install could not get it leveled and after 4 hours it was 2" off on the right corner. I will provide more details (please bare with me since we are feeling rather frustrated and...
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    Separate Spa Equipment

    Good afternoom! I recently joined this site to get tips and guidance on our first fiberglass pool install. We purchased a 16x40 pool as well as an 8x10 spa. The equipment that came with the pool is a Jandy VS FloPro 1.85 HP. Company that sold it to me said I could use the same equipment for the...
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    Backfill question!

    Thank you. The pool manufacturer (Viking Pool) advocates for sand. Due to the all of the forums including one of River City Pools has, and the comments regarding settling if sand is used, has scared us into second guessing what the manufacturer has recomennded. All the forums i have seen talk...
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    Backfill question!

    Thank you. So it would be safe to use a combination of 3/4" crushed stone and concrete sand? Sorry for my questions, all this pool terminology and various types of stone terms are foreign to me! I have attached a photo of our hole!
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    Backfill question!

    Good morning. We purchased a DIY fiberglass in Northern California. Our soil here is a bit clay-e. We were advised to use peagravel and sand for the base and sand for the backfill. Our pool will be installed later today close to the evening and we have the base prepared A layer of pea gravel...