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  1. borjis

    Difference in pressure between both return jets

    Ya I had that on my first house w a pool. You can buy different sized jet fittings to increase or decrease pressure to help balance them. My shallow end had hardly any pressure. Debris easily stayed on the steps next to it. After getting a more narrow hole jet, it worked a lot better and no...
  2. borjis

    Preparing for pump to die

    I just replaced the exact same motor last winter. I have that pump body too! I'd only replace the motor. If you remove the back cover and post a close up photo of the wiring we can determine if it's 110v or 220v. I swapped it out for a 2-speed motor from inyopools. Very happy w it. The motor...
  3. borjis

    P-Trap Questions

    Haha nice! I did exactly that for an old water heater roof vent, no longer needed. (Replaced w a tankless water heater. The mushroom cap I got from Lowe's. Home Depot didn't have anything like that. I suspect it's big enough for that p trap pipe too.
  4. borjis

    Type of plaster to choose?

    Oops mispost. Mod feel free to delete
  5. borjis

    What direction to point returns

    Jets up, just enough so it pushes debris away. I know if I go any higher, the water breaking the surface raises my pH slightly.
  6. borjis

    Question about draining pool before liner replacement

    Could be a big issue. Generally not recommended. Do you have a main drain with a hydrostatic valve? You would want that to be opened, if you have one. Any idea how deep the water table is?
  7. borjis

    Why 4-6 ppm FC for SWG?

    You might check for iron in your water. Light staining can make the liner look faded. My liner is much less blue than it used to be. An ascorbic acid treatment returned the blue. I'd literally forgotten just how blue it was.
  8. borjis

    Installed a new variable speed pump. Is this much air normal?

    Mine gets that on low speed. No biggie.
  9. borjis

    Skimmers are not pulling in water to the Pump - Problem fixed!

    Another thought..any chance they left Gizmo plugs in the skimmers to keep debris out during construction?
  10. borjis

    Leaking Heat Exchanger

    I was quoted $ 900 (part only) for an exchanger to an old laars lite on it's last days. Control panel started going out too. It was 15 so I just bought a new raypak heater. The old exchanger blew out from freeze damage. The new raypak was $ 1,600
  11. borjis

    Skimmers are not pulling in water to the Pump - Problem fixed!

    It's ok to have them all open. Depends how you want to run things. If you close the main and make sure the skimmers are wide open that should work well. With everthing powered off, i would try opening up the pump basket and running a garden hose on half or full down the inlet pipe until water...
  12. borjis

    Don't knock all stores!

    I'm lucky. The local pool co I've used for liner and heater replacements only. They have been great. No upselling ever. Great service for reasonable price. I'm lucky.
  13. borjis

    Setting expectations about a robot

    4 years and still going strong on my refurbished dolphin e10. One thing you will want is the fine filters (like cartridge ones). For mine it was an add on/swap out accessory. Better than the stock screen filter.
  14. borjis

    I've Yet To Figure This Out

    Mine always folds itself into a giant ampersand pattern or a treble clef looking pattern. Kinda funny, but annoying.
  15. borjis

    Pump Shuts Off Immediately - Won't Work, Loud Sound

    Call a pool pro. Sounds like something got in the impellor. Possibly damaged. Motor may or may not be ok. Probably not a huge cost to repair.
  16. borjis

    I use Glass Media in a Sand Filter

    My first home w a pool had glass media. I had to do a slam one time as a victim of that Bioguard cya reducer. (Which did nothing btw) Second home w a pool was just sand. In my experience glass works equally as well as sand, but I wouldn't say one is superior to the other.
  17. borjis

    14x28 rectangle pool-is it big enough?

    One thing I've noticed, even when a pool looks small, it actually seems bigger, when you're in it.
  18. borjis

    Any cases where a Latham vinyl liner is permanently stained?

    My liner has iron stains. They look identical to yours. James has good advice, try it again with crushed vitamin c tablets.
  19. borjis

    Direct replacement for MPRA6E-205L?

    If you contact inyopools and show them the photos, they should be able to recommend a proper replacement motor to match your pump and impellor. Be sure to order the salt seal kit as well. (They last longer than non salt seals). Also do be sure, to figure out if this motor is wired for 110v or...
  20. borjis

    Direct replacement for MPRA6E-205L?

    What motor does it have? Pump Housings often outlast motors. A new motor & seal kit could be all that's needed. I was in a similar situation this past season. Motor getting louder & weaker. I replaced the motor with a 2-speed
  21. borjis

    If most who report on this section of the forum are (assumedly) chlorine users, why so many algae issues?

    I'm talking about regular rain a few inches. Not a flooding event that would ruin any pools chemistry.
  22. borjis

    If most who report on this section of the forum are (assumedly) chlorine users, why so many algae issues?

    Whenever I see a post that someone suddenly has an algae problem after rain it doesn't make any sense. I've never had that issue..ever. their fc levels were barely adequate to begin with, most likely.
  23. borjis

    Should water come out the jets if on Rinse

    Sounds like you may have a torn spider gasket. I tore mine, turning it to waste during cold winter freeze. Things were not quite thawed out. If I ever use recirculate, some garden hose level of pressure comes out the waste hose, but all other settings ok.
  24. borjis

    pH stubbornly high despite muriatic acid

    I've noticed since installing a replacement pump motor, mine is rising too and it never did before. My old motor was a bit "tired." The new one has the return jets making a more agressive splashing on the surface. I'm pretty sure that is the cause. pH was rock steady at 7.5 for 5 years prior...
  25. borjis

    How to Not Mess Up My Main Drain - New Owner of Old Pool

    It's probably clogged. You might try running a drain king to the main drain, see if there's any water moving in the deep. Might be a good idea to ask him when it clogged, while in contact.
  26. borjis

    Skimmer not level - under construction gunite pool

    Every skimmer has to be at the same height. Period. I'd make them fix it.
  27. borjis

    Identify stain

    Try some crushed vitamin c in a sock. If it disappears in a few minutes, it's iron.
  28. borjis

    Wrinkle question

    I have 2 or 3 of those. Not an issue to be concerned. You might be able to use a plunger to get it flat but I'd just leave it as is. It would be a bit of a miracle to have a completely wrinkle free installation and the installer noted mine was a fairly tight fit. As long as you keep the pH in...
  29. borjis

    Sump well - how often should you drain?

    Does it not have a float switch to pump out water when it reached a certain height? That's what I'd want if I had to have one.
  30. borjis

    Pool vac does not move

    Shoes shouldn't make a difference. Nylon for plaster, cork for vinyl. If you reach in the suction hole, does the wheel easily turn w your finger? If not some debris is lodged in the mechanism. I'd go with a robot instead of another suction cleaner.