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    I hate my Dolphin Active 30i - now what?

    I have had an Active 30i for a little over 2 years. Nothing but trouble - power supply went within a month, the cord tangles within a few minutes. and it just doesnt clean well. It always misses the fine debris at the angles & corners. Basically I have to sweep/scrub the bottom before I put...
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    One More Dolphin Active 30i Update

    I have posted a couple of times about my love/hate relationship with my Active 30i. To sum up, it cleans very well & I love the design. However, the cord would become so twisted that it became nonfunctional. I also posted a "solution" that involved a garden hose, a pool noodle, & some...
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    Dolphin Active 30i solution to nagging issue

    Good point & I wish that would be the case. However, it seems to turn very well in all directions. When I got the new power supply they said that Maytronics had installed new software to prevent this from happening, which makes me think they know this is an issue. I certainly didnt notice...
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    Dolphin Active 30i solution to nagging issue

    I have now had my Dolphin (Maytronics) Active 30i for 2 seasons. The good : it cleans my fiberglass pool with steps & ledges very well. The basket design is great & it seems even to get the fine silt stuff in addition to the big stuff. The bad (I have posted a review about this issue on this...
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    Active 30i - fatal flaws

    I posted a lengthy review of my new Active 30i back on 7/9/16. Unforutnately, my enthusiasm has waned. In fact, I certainly would not buy this again & do not recommend it. Maybe they will develop a new version to correct its fatal flaws. In the mean time, buy an Aquabot Really liked it when I...
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    My experience with pool robots and a new robot purchase

    One more thought : If a remote control is an important feature to you, I think the M400 and M500 have a significant advantage over the Active/S series. The M400/M500 have the split brush dual drive configuration. They can make 90 degree turns because of this which I would think would make a...
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    My experience with pool robots and a new robot purchase

    So after a whole 2 days as an owner of an Active 30i (currently dubbed Flipper at my house) here are my thoughts: 1. I really like it overall. I think it cleans the pool a little better than the M400 that I demo'd but not as good as my old Aquabot Turbo T. It cleans nearly everything except...
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    My experience with pool robots and a new robot purchase

    I just completed my research into buying a new robot cleaner for my 15k gallon 36 x 15 fiberglass pool with SWG. My pool has 2 seat areas, steps, and a ledge that runs the perimeter of the deep end. A challenge for robots certainly. I also have many leaves, acorns and a good bit of silt. So i...
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    How does the Maytronics M400/M4 handle leaves?

    Trying to decide between an S300i/Active 30i and the Dolphin M4/M400. I have a lot of leaves as well as silt that gets in my pool. I have a fiberglass pool with seats, shelf, & steps so can be challenging for robots. I have owned an Aquabot Turbo T (it cleaned the best but lasted 4 years & I...
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    Is 80k heat pump enough??

    I have a 18k fiberglass pool with swg & some shade. My gas heater just went out & considering a heat pump this time. Do you think a 80k Hayward heat pump is enough for a southcarolina location & no cover? Planning on keeping pool 80-85 degrees depending on my better half!
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    Hayward Heat Pump Questions

    I live in South Carolina so I think my climate is pretty good for a heat pump. Anyone heard of the hayward Heatmaster pump? Cant find anything about them. Same as the Heatflo??
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    Hayward Heat Pump Questions

    New to the board. I greatly appreciate anyone’s input into this topic. Currently have a Propane pool heater (Jandy Lite2). Heat exchanger just went bad & this is the 2nd one in 4 years to go bad. Considering buying a Hayward Heatmaster Heat pump & have a few questions. 1. It looks like...