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    SLAM To Still Cloudy

    Hi, We opened our pool May 16th and had to Slam. Slammed until May 30th but still cloudy. We can’t figure out why it won’t clear. We had week of horrible rain downpours. Our readout today is PH 7.5 FC 5.5 CC 0 TC 5.5 TA 60 CYA 40 TEMP 75 Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks...
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    Closing pool

    Hi, What temperature is safe to close our pool. Should we do a Slam before closing pool. TYIA Lorraine
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    Clear to Green Help

    After 5 weeks of a clear pool and a week of drenching rain, yesterday we could not see the drain on the deep end. Today we have a Green pool. Please help.. Our readings for yesterday are: FC 4 PH 7.6 Cc .5 TC 4.5 TA 80 CYA 40 Temp. 77
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    Need Help Closing Pool

    My husband is getting ready to close pool hopefully by this weekend. He just did the following readings: FC - 9 CC - 0 TC - 9 TA - 50 CYA - 40 PH - 7.6 Water temp -61 degrees We are trying to figure out how to close the pool. Am I reading it correctly that we have to Slam the pool and get...
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    Pool numbers, eeNeed Help

    Hi, I just did my testing and I am confused about what it says to add. My pool is Clear. Here are my numbers: FC. 2 Ph. 7.4 TA. 70 CH. 75 Water temp is 74 CYA. 30 Because FC is low Over a week ago I was told put it at 16 Ph says to add 11 oz of washing soda or 22 oz of borax Ta says to...
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    Hello, I need help finding out what my target is supposed to be for a 30,000 gallon pool. Thank you. Lorraine
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    Hi, I’m fairly new to forum. I found you end of July 2017, after spending mega bucks at pool store and had a pea green pool for months. I was helped and after Slamming ended up with a clear pool in 2017 thanks to TFP help. My husband opened pool the end of April 2018 and we had a clear pool...
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    POOL Calulator Help,,

    Hi, I’m a little confused with what I should add to the pool according to pool calculator. Just opened pool yesterday, had loads of leaves, all clean now. It’s a little cloudy but can I can see drain. I need help with what I should add. Here are are my readings: Water temp. - 64 FC - 1...
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    Swamp to Blue but Cloudy

    After months of working with Leslie's, mega chemicals, they finally told my husband they didn't know what else to do. So, I started searching the web and found your wonderful site. My husband had already change the water 1 foot at a time because we have a high water table and our CYA was over...