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    can't keep Chlorine in the pool

    Hi all, I have been getting all my knowledge of upkeep of my pool from this forum, and just going into my 2nd season. Season 1 was brilliant, very little, no issues as I use "pool math" and use "ColorQ" to test the pool. See I do follow the advice..... But I have a problem, recently I can't...
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    grit in the pool

    Hi all, I've searched everything I can on here & couldn't find an answer. Sorry if been asked before. My problem is that when I vacuum the pool, some of the grit in the pool isn't sucked up via the vacuum. I have x2 questions: 1) How can I get this grit out? 2) Do I need the filter sand...
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    Novice pool owner

    Hi all, my wife and I are now the very proud owner of our new home in the UK and equally proud owners of our first in ground swimming pool. Moved in July 2020, so really a very novice pool owner. Everything I know about looking after a swimming pool has been gained from reading/reviewing and...