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    Pump runs..then doesn't

    Sorry for the delay, had to gather the info. So here it is: Controls panel - Pentair EasyTouch Pool/Spa controller 5K42 Pump - Pentair Intelliflo XF VS Pentair Intellichlor Salt Chlorine Generator Model IC40 Heater - Heatwave Superquit Icebreaker Still suspect connection from the panel to the...
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    New pool owner since 03/2016 and have trusted the pool builder to perform service. Location is SWFL, Charlotte county.
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    Pump runs..then doesn't

    My pump can run all day long or sometimes stops mid-day. Also when trying to activate pool pump from the App it doesn't start but I can see valve movement. The cable to control panel has been replaced twice. Final action has been to 'jiggle' the plug at the pump to get it running. Is there a...