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  1. applgrl

    Need a new sand filter....after 40+ years

    Good to know! There is a Cdn version of both filters out of Ontario, will cost us a bit less once we include travel expense. Probably gives us better warranty coverage, so that's likely what we will do. The larger filter requires us to increase the size of the current concrete pad and it's...
  2. applgrl

    Need a new sand filter....after 40+ years

    I am considering the Hayward S244T filter that you have, or it's big brother the S310T2. Are you happy with your filter? Currently using a 1 HP Jacuzzi pump, which will probably give way when we've got the new filter running smoothly......DOH! We have an extremely simple set-up: two skimmers...
  3. applgrl

    Need a new sand filter....after 40+ years

    I'd love to move the backwash drain....we re-plumbed the entire pool several years back but opted to leave it where it is....for now. I can only presume upon my hardworking farm boys so much, so I didn't wanna press my luck. The pool is a utilitarian thing for our family, so not a lot of...
  4. applgrl

    Need a new sand filter....after 40+ years

    Thanks--I did know, but have been reluctant to add it since my backwash goes into the area of the yard where kids/cats/dogs frequently play. I'm comfortable with using DE but I'd be happier if it washed out elsewhere. - - - Updated - - - Thanks MarianParoo I will browse their site! I think...
  5. applgrl

    Need a new sand filter....after 40+ years

    After many, many, summers of faithful service, our Jacuzzi Dial Valve Sand Filter has packed it in with a large crack on the bottom of the fibreglass tank. (Pressure of the first vacuuming was just too much for the Old Girl.:(. ) We live in a small-ish community, there are roughly 3 serious...
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    pool filter Jacuzzi 24PM3.jpg

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    pool pump jacuzzi magnum 1000.jpg

  8. applgrl

    My user name says it all!

    If your CYA is indeed 97 :!: then this explains your twelve days of aggravation. According to the grid in Pool School, at 100 CYA you need a FC (free chlorine) level of 39 to shock---you will never get there in all practicality. Bottom line about stabilizer: a little is really good, a lot is...
  9. applgrl

    Need to replace sand!

    I wonder what would have happened if you did put new sand in, and then ran the system. Not that I recommend it--smelly messy, job! We have (properly? I think!) maintained a sand filter for 40+ years. The sand we replaced around the 30 yr mark did not significantly change the pool function in...
  10. applgrl

    Guest (everyday)

    Couple thoughts from the "been there done that" files. We started a rule in our family that the kids couldn't have friends over or plan an event unless they asked at least one day ahead. So, during the summer their friends couldn't just pop in unless the grown ups were asked the day before...
  11. applgrl

    Beware of Scott's Green Max Southern Lawn fertilizer

    Dunno how y'all feel about more manual yard labour but I use my Solo backpack sprayer: ( ... ayers.html ) to fertilize. You have to find a soluble liquid fertilizer for the tank but it is very sweet to use around the pool--the sprayer nozzles are...
  12. applgrl

    What's your pool cleaners name?

    Our ancient Polaris Vac-Sweep was named Mark after The Man From Atlantis. Had him so long his three poor wheels day..... Dating ourselves, fer shure! (Aye, we miss ye, Mark!)
  13. applgrl

    My Outdoor Kitchen Build - Mn

    I could visualize a colored, (terra cotta?) sealed, concrete countertop, provided you use weather-proof materials. Another more funky option would be to do a mosaic tile counter, the crazy-quilt type where you break some colored tile and arrange haphazard. My personal preference for outdoor...
  14. applgrl


    If y'all can see the dirt mounds in your yard, away from the pool, then here's a potential solution: Blackhole brand gopher trap. It's intended for pocket gophers and small moles, beasties between about 5-10 inches in length. YouTube video "How to set a Black Hole Gopher Trap"...
  15. applgrl

    Another Green Swamp

    After many years with an I/G pool we decided the easier path (both have work involved) is to forego the winter cover and drain every spring. (note we don't pay to drain or re-fill, that factors in heavily.) The expense of a winter cover + water bags, then the additional step of pumping the...
  16. applgrl

    Confession of a Cloudy Water Pool Owner

    Just to confirm with Real World Experience, sand does NOT "wear out". Our pool is in it's 41st year and we've replaced the sand once. We did that at the 35 year mark when we replumbed for other issues. No visual difference between old and new sand, no change in performance a'tall when we...
  17. applgrl

    Stained Gunnite

    Yeah, sometimes it's good to live with it for awhile and gather more info before investing in a reno. I wouldn't trade my "ugly" pool for the on-going $6000 expense (my neighbour) and hassle of replacing a vinyl liner every 5-7 years. The old gunnite pools are deeper, you have more traction...
  18. applgrl

    Can you leave the chlorine levels a bit high?

    I used to keep mine on the high side because I didn't have a newfangled test kit. The only downside was that the chlorine eats your swimsuits and your solar blanket more quickly the higher you keep the chlorine. Now that I keep the chlorine lower I buy nicer suits....for me, not the kids...
  19. applgrl

    Stained Gunnite

    My gunnite is very old, so we live with the mottled look. I wouldn't recommend painting it. The paint is expensive and needs to cure for many, many days. If you let the paint cure properly, you risk the gunnite becoming too dry and cracking off the walls. If you don't let the paint cure...
  20. applgrl

    Hello All from Upper Michigan...with cloudy pool

    Re: Hello All from Upper Michigan... Take the frogs far, far away..........or they hop back in..... :wave:
  21. applgrl

    When do you replace/add Sand to a Sand Filter?

    Bama, I'd love to see the pix of before & after sand. We've only replaced our sand once in 40 some odd years, and only because we re-plumbed the pool and thought, well.....maybe we should. No visual difference, no dif in performance after changing the sand either. One reason manufacturers...
  22. applgrl

    New IG pool owner, looking for plumbing best practices?

    Can't help you with the plumbing, but I'd put a garden hose in and get a gravity-fed suction going to get some of the water off the cover. (if you have enough slope to get the siphon started...) A garden hose will very slowly drain the cover, water your grass, and make it easier to get down to...
  23. applgrl

    Pucks in the skimmer

    I use pucks in the skimmer, but with the following conditions: 1) We completely drain our gunite pool every spring, several weeks before we want to use it. 2) After filling, the solar blankie goes on and stays on while the pool warms; I keep 2 pucks in each basket. I monitor the chlorine...
  24. applgrl

    Dog step?

    Very clever ladder Mark! We have DIY disease and your project gives me food for thought. I'm currently looking for purchased steps, especially for the dog, but perhaps my PVC guru and I can adapt your idea for stairs. In the past she was able to climb the vertical ladder (crazy Border Collie)...
  25. applgrl

    I have gone through the shock process two times this year

    Re: I have gone through the shock process two times this yea Aw come on, Ohm-y, a sense of humour is a valuable thing when the pool turns green :lol: However, I don't believe my suggestions were off base. CYA level is a prime consideration at the point when your pool DOES, unfortunately...
  26. applgrl

    Vacuuming with a trash pump

    We rent a trash pump with a 3" hose every year: our pool is concrete and has no bottom drain. It takes us about 6-8 hours to completely drain 38,000 gallons, so it's incredibly efficient if you have somewhere for all that water to go. The biggest concern you would have is making sure that...
  27. applgrl

    I have gone through the shock process two times this year

    Re: I have gone through the shock process two times this yea Only twice? Yer doin' good by my standards!!! Kidding aside, my experience is that my CYA gets too high and the shocking is darned near useless when that happens---takes ages to clear even though your FC is at high numbers. Are...
  28. applgrl

    Beginner. Empty pool need to start the system and fill pool

    Re: Beginner. Empty pool need to start the system and fill Oh yeah, forgot one thing about lowering the water level: don't do it. The plaster needs water supporting it or it will dry out and chip off. Look for a floating pool alarm instead if you are worried about kids, dogs, and drunks.
  29. applgrl

    Beginner. Empty pool need to start the system and fill pool

    Re: Beginner. Empty pool need to start the system and fill Actually, your pool looks pretty good! I have an older pool (gunite) and your plaster looks similar. As the gunnite ages, it does yellow and if some of the top flecks off I can see how bright white it once was. My tips: 1--agree DO...
  30. applgrl

    Sand replacement.

    Yep, yet I still have friends who can't be bothered to read the Pool School notes and continue to spend good beer money at the pool store... :hammer: