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  1. RonsPlc

    Pool pump started tripping breaker.

    Well, my pump motor started tripping the GFCI breaker on Monday evening, so I brought it into a friend that rebuilds motors. 4 days later, I got my pump motor back and put it back into service Friday after I got home from work. (This is Sunday for those coming late to the thread) My wife was...
  2. RonsPlc

    A new type of hose clamp

    I hate dealing with the typical hose clamps used for above ground pools, so I did some searching, and found my solution! I am using Hayward barbed connectors so I never have to undo a clamp unless I am changing the hose out. All I have to do to disconnect the hose from the pool is untwist the...
  3. RonsPlc

    Heavy Rain Wrecks My Pool!

    ... Is something I hear all the time from friends that are happy to be "Pool Stored". (After all there is NO WAY I can know more about pool care than a "professional".) I just shrug and mention that mine could use the refill. My Pool, after we just received 2"+ of rain within the past 15 hours.
  4. RonsPlc

    Pool Paradise!

    The water is 84.5 and feels GREAT! Come on in!
  5. RonsPlc

    Yet another year of opening to a CLEAR pool!

    I decided to do a time lapse of the opening of the pool this year, and am pleased to report that I am on my way to another year of CLEAR, CLEAN water!! :)
  6. RonsPlc

    Well, the Deck is Just ABOUT finished!

    The Wife Never mentioned that she wanted a deck... out loud. But once it was under construction, her first comments were... "Where are the steps!" Well, they are HERE! I am pretty proud of myself... first deck, and first set of stairs built from scratch... all done by yours truly!
  7. RonsPlc

    Oops... how NOT to backfill!

    Award-Winning | The Voice of Cherokee County | Local No One Injured After A Backhoe Goes Into A Swimming Pool In Sand Rock Do you think I should send a TFP link to the new pool owner, or the install company?
  8. RonsPlc

    Deck Steps Advice Needed

    I am in the process of building a deck around my 24' round pool, and am stumped as to what to do for the steps going up to the deck. I know some of you have done this type of thing before, and would welcome some advice/build plans to accomplish the task. The pool is 52" tall, and the deck is...
  9. RonsPlc

    A tricky drone flight.

    Used the Pool as an obstacle. Under the Maple tree. Over the pool. Through the trees. DON'T HIT ANYTHING! Ohhh, and fly it BACKWARDS! Backwards flight(1) - YouTube :kim:
  10. RonsPlc

    Can NOT thank you guys enough!

    Another year, and I JUST opened to a CLEAN pool... not a SWAMP! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Brought it up to SLAM level, and threw the new micro mesh cover on it last fall... then did NOTHING with it through the winter. Now for the reveal! I made sure there was a time stamp on the...
  11. RonsPlc

    My set up ... so far

    This picture was taken earlier today... Now for the tricky part... trying to get the quote here right... I actually spend a lot of time on E-Bay... and came across the Stenner for $85 "New but the box had been opened" with shipping included, so I couldn't resist! Yes, I did the install...
  12. RonsPlc

    Hot, and cold spots?

    I couldn't figure out where to put this question... so here it is. I recently switched from running my pump on low speed 24/7 to running once in the AM, and once in the PM... 12 hours apart for 4 hrs each run. Since doing this I have been noticing that there are definite hot, and cold spots in...
  13. RonsPlc

    Testing some picture posting options

  14. RonsPlc

    I kind of knew it was coming

    Let me start with a little of a back story... Last weekend, my neighbour and I were talking, as I was running tests on my pool water. He saw me testing the Ph (I had already run the FC/CC tests before he came walking up) then he watched me while I ran the rest of my tests... CYA, TA, and CH...
  15. RonsPlc

    SWG even though I run Liquid chlorine?

    Just a thought... I know that adding liquid chlorine adds salt into the pool. Given that fact, would it be worth my while to look into getting a SWG once my salt levels get high enough to warrant it? How long would it take for that to happen that my pool could support a SWG with me adding 12.5%...
  16. RonsPlc

    Suction side pool vac goes around outside edge

    I have a suction side pool vac that seems to ONLY want to go around the outside edge of the bottom of the pool. I have tried shortening the hose, adding an extra section of hose, adding weights to the hose, taking weights off.... This has me stumped. It just will not go into the middle, and...
  17. RonsPlc

    Using Pillows Does NOT work here!

    I tried using Pillows for my winter cover, and the cats decided that to gain traction, THEY had to use their claws! I guess they discovered that the winter cover was nice and warm on sunny days since it is almost black. Needless to say, that the love affair was short lived once the pillows were...
  18. RonsPlc

    Got Bugs?

    I live pretty much in the woods, and have various biting/stinging/harassing bugs that seem to like hanging out by the pool. But I have found a solution! I place 3 thermocells around the pool at equal distances, give them 5 minutes to do their magic, and not a bug to be found! :cool:
  19. RonsPlc

    I can make it RAIN!!!

    Well, like any other responsible pool owner, I am always checking the water level in my pool, so my strainer, and filter operate perfectly. I notice the level going down a bit, check the weather forecast for rain and see that they are predicting typical summer time patterns (a pop-up shower...
  20. RonsPlc

    Borates... am I ready? where to start?

    Well, after fighting for the past 2 weeks to get my TA down to a manageable level 90 ... (tap water is at 150). My Ph has been pretty much rock solid at 7.5 for the past couple of days. I am wanting to add borates. I have the MA that poolmath says I am going to need, but am a couple of boxes...
  21. RonsPlc

    New Stenner owner... now what?

    well, it seems that I just won a NEW Stenner 45MHP10 for $85 shipped to my house! :) what am I going to need to plumb it into my pool? ... I already have a timer that I use for my "poor man redneck pool chlorinator". what tubing should I be looking at purchasing... etc...? I'm stoked that I...
  22. RonsPlc

    What type of glue to use?

    I had posted a question here... Installing replacement liner inside of Intex 18' metal frame - Page 10 Basically, I would like to know if regular PVC cleaner/glue would be the right choice to glue a patch of intex liner to another intex liner. From my research, it is actually a PVC that is...
  23. RonsPlc

    Wanted to thank all who help out here.

    Having chased my tail for the past couple of years of pool ownership, and Pool supply Places, I have found a solution... TFP! Upon opening my pool this year to a Green MESS and roughly 1000 tadpoles, I decided to try something different, (Which led me here). I knew there had to be a better...
  24. RonsPlc

    Going through 5ppm FC / day?

    My pool seems to be eating Chlorine to the tune of close to 5pmm per day... is this normal? My numbers for today were as follows... 7AM FC - 7.2 CC - 0 PH - 7.4 TA - 100 CH - 60 CYA - 50 Temp - 75f 6PM FC - 2.4 CC - 0 PH - 7.4 TA - 100 CH - 60 CYA - 50 Temp - 81f The temp is the water...
  25. RonsPlc

    dark cloud blowing out when switching from low speed to high?

    I have been noticing a dark green? brown? cloud billowing from my return when I switch the pump from low speed to high. It only lasts about 2 seconds, and seems to disappear in the pool water very quickly. My guage shows everything to be normal. I don't remember seeing this before, and have been...
  26. RonsPlc

    Is this normal?

    I have been slamming my pool for the past week, and am seeing a VAST improvement in the water clarity... My question has to do with the CYA level... I don't see ANY CYA in my pool, however after a full day of sun, my FC only dropped 5ppm from 16 at 6am to 10.5 at 6pm. Without any measerable CYA...