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  1. RonsPlc

    I think my 2 years old Inyo pump/vgreen motor is failing

    It sounds to me like you need to replace the bearings, and the seal. The motor itself is probably fine. :)
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    how to make 1.5" hose from pump to filter input port not leak at 0.5psi

    yes they are, but I get the stainless steel wire for about $15 for 200ft. So I don't care.
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    The Big Squeeze - Central Florida Pool Build

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I always assumed that the reason for all the screened in pools in Florida was due to the over abundance of bugs that can, and WILL chase you out of a pool.
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    how to make 1.5" hose from pump to filter input port not leak at 0.5psi
  5. RonsPlc

    how to make 1.5" hose from pump to filter input port not leak at 0.5psi

    I will not double clamp, but my clamps are different.
  6. RonsPlc

    how to make 1.5" hose from pump to filter input port not leak at 0.5psi

    If I am seeing the leak correctly, I suspect that you have not put teflon (thread) tape on the fitting that goes into your filter. I don't think the leak is coming from the hose, but rather the fitting the hose is connected to.
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    Name your Top 5 inventions of all time

    I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned the holy grail of all inventions, and one of the most elusive ... the 10mm deep-well socket! :)
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    What size stenner pump tube for Intellichem?

    Keep in mind that the old tube coming out will probably be a bit longer than the new one going in. I know this is the case with my Stenner every time I change the tube.
  9. RonsPlc

    Why is CYA target different for swg and manually dosed pools?

    I have found with my setup, (Stenner dosing the pool twice a day), that My FC usage is the best with a CYA of 60. At 6pm I am right where I need to be for the next dosing, scheduled for 6:15-6:40. But as stated by Oly, each pool is a bit different.
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    Welcome! :wave: You will find a wealth of information here at TFP, as well as people that are willing to answer any of your questions, should they arise.
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    Pool pump started tripping breaker.

    I more or less wanted to post this so we could point out that algae is NOT caused by lack of filtration. But is the result of a chemical issue.
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    Pool pump started tripping breaker.

    Well, my pump motor started tripping the GFCI breaker on Monday evening, so I brought it into a friend that rebuilds motors. 4 days later, I got my pump motor back and put it back into service Friday after I got home from work. (This is Sunday for those coming late to the thread) My wife was...
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    New Member from Sugar Land, TX

    Welcome! :wave: You came to the right place! Without the help of these good people, I would have been in a panic when my pump started tripping my beaker, and I had to go 4 days without it running. I am pleased to report that my pool is STILL crystal clear, and now that the pump is running...
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    What are these called?

    From what I can tell, you placed this in the right area. I hope this bump will get some more eyes on it for you.
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    Stenner Pump—How to adjust daily dosage to meet target FC?

    The timer I use also has a feature for a count-down timer that only runs when I kick it into play outside of the regular schedule(s). If I notice my FC being a bit low, I kick it into play manually (push a button), and check again at the same time the following day, if I need to use it more...
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    My $25 auto chlorinator DIY project

    Instead of using the water supply line that you can get at the hardware store, look into using the black one made for Stenner pumps. It will put up with UV a lot better.
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    My set up ... so far

    The aquarium pump needed to be changed out every year due to it rusting out internally. I had been searching for a Stenner for a year or so at a good price, so when I saw one come up cheap, and new, I jumped at it. If my Stenner went down today, I would be buying one tomorrow to replace it...
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    This may help you...
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    What exactly is it doing or Not Doing as may be the case? Do you have it attached to the output from the pump back into your pool? (These are a pressure side cleaner, not suction side.)
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    Thank You

    If you could post some pictures of what you have to work with, I'm sure that some of our landscape (Pool Paradise) experts can come up with some suggestions for you. :)
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    Adding Stenner...

    Because it is the one furthest upstream, and as it injects the liquid chlorine will mix almost instantly with the filtered water, and get carried throughout the pipes to ALL the returns.
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    Adding Stenner...

    Yes, the drum will work for you. But be careful, depending on what was in it originally, you may have a reaction to the bleach. I would rinse it out WELL with hot water before using it if it contained ANY type of chemical. I would use the cap that is closest to the chlorinator as your injection...
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    Thank You!

    Now that you have a handle on your pool, don't just leave us hanging. As Marty mentioned, the site is maintained by volunteers, and does have operating expenses, but we DO realize that not everyone is in a position financially to donate. Hang around and contribute with some of you own knowledge...
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    Hayward 1082 Skimmer Basket no Longer Fits

    I would be tempted to put it into a pot of boiling water to soften it up, then insert it where you want it and let it cool/harden in place.
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    A few questions regarding a new Stenner pump installation

    It was ALL yours truly with a set of manual post hole diggers. The tricky part was the fact that I ONLY had a FULL barrel of bleach to put into the hole. The wife asked me how I was going to get the barrel into the hole without it busting wide open when it hit bottom. That's when I smiled and...
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    A few questions regarding a new Stenner pump installation

    My white tubing lasted me less than a season, then started leaking. Since installing the black tubing a couple of years ago, I haven't had an issue.
  28. RonsPlc

    A few questions regarding a new Stenner pump installation

    A few picks of my buried 55g drum... With the lid/platform in place. I can stand on it to access the pool. A shot of the drum. You can see the thin tube coming out of the back of the tank in the upper left. The underside of the lid. With 1" foam board insulation.
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    Thank you so much already!

    Welcome! :wave:
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    Heavy Rain Wrecks My Pool!

    4 inches of rain yesterday! I decided to backwash the filter JUST to drop my water level a bit. FC still at 6