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    K 1000 versus TF 100

    Why is it when I check my FC with the K-1000 kit it will give me a reading on the first drop and by the 5th I’m at 10ppm but when I check with the TF-100 kit witch it tells me I’m at only 2.5 my goal here is to be 5ppm. Just Wondering why the K1000 shows are reading on the first drop.
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    Wall corrosion

    I just discovered my Esther Williams oval pool aluminum side wall has small holes throughout from corrosion. Most in the back of the pool that is under the deck that I never had no need to crawl under there until I saw some in the front side by the sun light showing me the holes. Pool and line...
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    Need help on balancing

    I'm try to balance every thing before leaving for a week but I will have some one taking care of adding chlorine. A week or two ago everything looked good this is my readings now free chlorine is only to a combined chlorine zero calcium is 75 ppm alkalinity is 130 a CYA at 40 What should I...
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    What chemical to use first

    New here and I wish I had been a longtime ago Just refilled my pool with Spring water because CYA was off the chart. FC 0 TA 30 PH very low CH 120 CYA now 30. Should I use soda ash to bing both my TA and PH up or start with Borax