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    Help....Are hard sided pools supposed to wobble???

    Our pool wobbles on one side when the kids jumps in. Doesn't seem right for a hard sided pool. What could be causing this? Thanks!
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    Help!....Uneven, broken paver under upright. Can I replace without draining?

    Had our pool installed last year by a professional who did a lousy job. One upright has always been very shaky. Just discovered he used, what looks like, half a broken paver under this upright. Can I remove and replace without draining??
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    Hi all.....Pool stressed!

    I live in Ny and have had an above ground pool most my life. We bought a new house last year with an old above ground that we had replaced. It was installed poorly by a "professional" has many issues im trying to figure out what is what. My biggest concern is the pool wall on one side shakes...
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    Wobbly pool

    Hi...we had our pool installed last year by someone who did a very unprofessional job. I wanted to drain and repair myself but I cannot get a hold of a new liner. So I am going to wait until fall to do repairs. Pool wall is buckling on the bottom in 2 spots. Water level is only off by .5 inches...