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    For sale - Brand New CircuPool RJ60

    Hello all - Selling my brand new Circupool RJ60, still in the box. I was able to secure an Intellicenter unit that came with an SWG. I am willing to sell it for $1100 and can help arrange shipping (a fairly small box so it shouldn't be crazy to ship it). Here is the link CircuPool RJ-60 PLUS...
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    For Sale - Hayward Swimclear 5030c NEW

    I have a new Hayward swimclear C5030 for sale, still in the box. I pod 1450 for it and am willing to sell it for 1250. I am in Northern Indiana but willing to help arrange shipping if needed.
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    Pool Decking

    Hello All, I plan to start my DIY kit in about a month. I have been reading thread after thread on here looking for trick and tips. I noticed there was a handful of threads that mentioned they waited to install their pool deck for about a year to let the ground settle. Is this a thing? It...
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    ColorLogic 320

    Hello everyone, I purchased a kit from pool warehouse and plan to stay my DIY process here in a few weeks. The kit came with color logic 320s (4). It seems the reviews are pretty bad on them. Considering the cost, I think I might still roll the dice and install them and also that the steel is...
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    Plumbing Question

    Good afternoon everyone! I am breaking ground on our pool in about a month or so depending on the weather. I was curious about your opinions on my current plan to plumb the pool. I plan to use "homerun" lines for the two skimmers which will T into one line near the pump. The same goes for the...
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    Thoughts on drains?

    Good morning everyone! I have been reading about installing main drains on vinyl pools and the potential for leaks down the road. I am second-guessing my decision to install main drains at this point due to this. I am curious about what would need to change on my current design to support...
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    Autopilot Digital PPM4 vs CircuPool RJ-60

    Hello everyone! Just wondering if anyone can help push me one way or the other. The autopilot is $1832 but says call for the best price while the CircuPool is $1398, both rated for 60k. Thoughts?
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    OB 20 x 40 with plenty of learnings

    Good afternoon everyone! I discover this site from another forum. I appreciate everyone who spends time helping those who are starting this journey! I purchased a kit from poolwarehouse in Sept. Due to COVID, the delivery was delayed until November. Unfortunately, I am just now getting the final...