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    Rebound in Pool Shell?

    Thanks so much for the input. I've taken the time to watch those videos and that makes sense.
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    Rebound in Pool Shell?

    I have a question for the expert pool builders & remodelers. @jimmythegreek @bdavis466 or others. My COVID-19 project is to remodel my pool. I purchased a foreclosure and the pool was left abandoned for a long time. There was hollow sounding brick coping and cracked / missing tile. Also, there...
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    Hello from Northern VA

    Yeah, I've had many chuckles about the remains of the heater. I'm still not sure what prompted someone to take the majority of the heater but leave the guts stacked on two buckets... The dog is an English Shepard. We rescued him as an adult via the NESR and he's an awesome dog...
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    Hello from Northern VA

    Thanks so much for your replies and the warm welcome! I was working outside all weekend and didn't log in to reply. I appreciate the responses. During the pressure test it was discovered that the return line to the pool wall is busted but the return line to the floor, the drain line and all the...
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    Hello from Northern VA

    Hello, I registered for the TFP because I purchased a house with a long neglected pool and I'm beginning the process of remodeling the pool and upgrading / replacing the equipment. I knew going into this that the pool would be a serious investment and I bid on the house accordingly. I've been...