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    OB 20 x 40 with plenty of learnings

    I am sure I am overthinking this, but nonetheless... I am in the process of bonding my pool. My pool pad is about 100' away. I plan to do a continuous loop, but for the 100' back to the pool pad, should I put the copper into the conduit? My mind says no since everywhere else it is in contact...
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    Hello, and share me your DIY horror stories before I start

    So I’m currently just finishing my build. I 10000000% agree on the dig. I had someone dig mine who does excavation for a living. While I thank him for doing it, it set me back at least a month and probably 4K approximately. If it wasn’t for the over dig, I would absolutely be floating in my pool...
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    For sale - Brand New CircuPool RJ60

    Nope. We welcomed our little boy and didn’t have much time. Interested?
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    For sale - Brand New CircuPool RJ60

    Hello all - Selling my brand new Circupool RJ60, still in the box. I was able to secure an Intellicenter unit that came with an SWG. I am willing to sell it for $1100 and can help arrange shipping (a fairly small box so it shouldn't be crazy to ship it). Here is the link CircuPool RJ-60 PLUS...
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    OB 20 x 40 with plenty of learnings

    Few questions for my next phases if you all don't mind :) When I bond the pool, I know I need a minimum of 4 touches (plan to do six). The question here is should this be an endless loop or is it okay to tie different sections together with a post of some type? I ordered 4 CMP brilliant...
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    OB 20 x 40 with plenty of learnings

    Question for the group... For my drainage around the pool, do I use the PVC with holes in it, the 4" black corrugated piping or do you recommend something else?
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    OB 20 x 40 with plenty of learnings

    Footers are poured! On to plumbing and electrical.
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    New DIY builder

    I just went through this but worse. I used concrete piers. Worked out perfect. I even used red heads to secure the walls to the concrete piers.
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    OB 20 x 40 with plenty of learnings

    Now that is great! I mean $15 for a single 2 x4... :(
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    OB 20 x 40 with plenty of learnings

    Concrete is scheduled for tomorrow for footers! Based on reading through this form, my forms do not need to be straight up and down right? Since I do not have any real slopes currently? BTW, I literally cried at HD when I bought the 2 x 4s and OSB board. Luckily I was able to source some...
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    For Sale - Hayward Swimclear 5030c NEW

    How about $1100 before I put it on facebook or ebay?
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    For Sale - Hayward Swimclear 5030c NEW

    Me too. Maybe stock levels are returning… wishful thinking I’m sure. Still waiting on 4 CMP lights haha.
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    For Sale - Hayward Swimclear 5030c NEW

    I have a new Hayward swimclear C5030 for sale, still in the box. I pod 1450 for it and am willing to sell it for 1250. I am in Northern Indiana but willing to help arrange shipping if needed.
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    OB 20 x 40 with plenty of learnings

    Walls are in! Got the piers installed to correct the over dig. So thankful for this site and @jimmythegreek because I would have not thought of that solution or sure! I will call for an inspection tomorrow and hope to get footers poured by next weekend. Kind of a strange question, however I...
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    Looking for insights on DIY install of in-ground pool (Pool Warehouse kit)

    I am sure others will chime in. Overall everything looks good except for your salt system being a tad undersized... I would also scrap the flex PVC. Just run rigid for everything. Anther note as someone who is currently building a PWH pool. I was disappointed when I discovered the upgraded deck...
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    PVC shortage?

    Just a thought as I am no expert. I just sourced 300’ of 2” from my local site one store. They even gave me the cash wholesale price which was cheaper than Home Depot.
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    OB 20 x 40 with plenty of learnings

    I really appreciate all of the advice. I have dug through this site and did find a post that used piers. Makes sense. I have been tarping it off every time it calls for rain and has the well already plumbed. However, it's supposed to be raining between now and Sunday. Good to know I need to keep...
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    OB 20 x 40 with plenty of learnings

    @jimmythegreek Sorry for not typing clearly, it isn't my strength for sure. You are correct, the hopper was dug too wide. I have a little bit of flexibility to slide the pool over but on that end, I am kind of boxed in by an inground power line. What am I looking at if I wanted to repair the...
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    OB 20 x 40 with plenty of learnings

    @jimmythegreek Hey sir, so our excavator overdug the deep end hopper. The one side is overdug by maybe 18-24” and there is no solid base for the walls to go on. Would you attempt to compact stone or just pour concrete and shape the hopper and build a foundation for the walls? I am hoping the...