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    problem with green pool

    28000 gunnite with cartridge filter my pool is green mostly suspended despite high levels of chlorine for over 10 days my cya is only about 30 but PH 7.5 chlorine 29 ppm and combine chloramines 2.5 when tested in late afternoon on a sunny day using a combo of chlorine bleach and salt...
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    winterizing venturi air pipes for spill over spa

    I have two pipes open to the air on my pad that are for adding air to the spillover spa jets My air is fairly weak There is no blower motor I have a dedicated spa pump for the 8 jets I blew out the jet lines with good success but I wonder what to do with the air pipes When I blow out the spa...
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    blocked spa jets

    My jets are not blowing water or air I have a spill over spa with 7 jets and a dedicated spa jet pump . As well there are 2 tall pipes in the pump area which are open to the air which I presume are passive air injectors (venturi) I don't have any schematics about how the pool is plumbed...
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    Lost my cya bottle

    I have the Taylor tfp 100 kit but lost my cya mixing bottle does anyone know the ratio of R0013 reagent to pool water for testing cya in the sight tube test 1 tried 1:1 but that told me cya greater than 80
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    best way to reinstall spillover spa

    I have had to repair my spillover for my spa 3x in 10 years each time the mortar fails as water undermines the 5 stones each stone is indiana ledgerock about 3-4 inches thick with a crack of about 1/2 inch between the stones they are laid on a bed of mortar and then grouted together in the...
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    looking for a jandy controller expert for a problem jandy cant solve

    I have a jandy controller RS 8 with T revision My heater is a jandy LXI which is plugged into slot 1 2 of the 10 pin connector not into the RS 485 4 pin port and worked fine until recently now The heater works fine in manual mode but I can no longer control it when the heater is set to be...
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    Unable to control a Jandy LXI heater

    1.My Jandy LXI Heater is working fine in manual mode but I cannot control it with my Jandy RS controller. Yesterday I installed a new CPU and bezel control board ( I am planning on a multi speed pump and needed a newer revision of firmware ) and I hoped it would get rid of the problem but still...
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    plumbing problem

    I have decided to change out my main pump to add a variable speed jandy jep 2.0 epump the old pump is about 25 inches and is a 1 hp The new one is about 35 inches and 2 hp I have 4 suctions going to the main pump, 3 on the pool and 1 on the spa controlled by a jandy valve creating a manifold...
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    Jandy Pool Actuator Problem Zodiac Unable to help

    Have a spillover spa pool with jandy aqualink and 2 jandy 2440 actuators one to switch suction from the pool three suctions to spa and the second to divert water from the spa return to the pool returns. The problem is the second one When I am in service mode and put the pool into spa both...