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    Pool Math entering results for TA when borates are present

    In my Taylor kit, the instructions for TA say that when borates are present, it will cause the TA measurement to read artificially high, and provides a borate correction multiplier to use to get the real carbonate alkalinity. So my question is whether the pool math app does that correction for...
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    Tracking SWCG power level with pool math app

    I’m wondering if there’s a way now to track my output % on the generator so that way at the end of the year I can graph out how the power levels changed over time? I might be able to determine future default power level settings based on temp/time of year etc. that might make my initial setup...
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    picture upload not working.

    I've recently found I cannot attach photos to the forum either from an android phone, my iphone, or even my laptop. Is there some trick or change that happened?
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    Iron stain and chemical additions

    I just realized that the dichlor I had been using to chlorinate until the water was warm enough to use the SWG is the clorox blue stuff which has copper. So I can simply not use those anymore but I've found that there's some orange staining in the deep end where I added the salt and dichlor...
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    Heater sizing

    My LaarsLite2 heater is about 20 years old and won’t lite anymore. My pool repair guy says they can probably replace the igniter or control module, but there is so much rusted metal falling out on the inside, he recommends replacing it and I’d agree. its a 250k BTU heater and we are using a...
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    Blowing out air lines tricks

    I closed our pool myself for the first time this weekend and discovered a few thing. I tried a few different fitting on my shop vac and air compressor and came up with a couple items that worked. I built a shop vac hose adapted to a 1.5” union and then attached that union to each of the intake...
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    Safety cover refurbish cost

    I’ve got a looploc safety cover that’s threadbare and falling apart for our free fork shaped pool. I’ve been trying to figure out whether it’s worth sending in the old cover (and paying for shipping) to get it refurbished vs just buying a new cover. Any experience on how much I might be able to...
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    Why would FAS-DPD test give different results

    For the last two days, when I do the FC test, I got a much lower than expected FC result, but when I do the test again the result is more inline which what I expected. Yesterday first test was FC 2, second test was 4. Since 4 is my bottom number, I turned up the SWG and added a bag of cal...
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    Mesh cover over ragged safety cover

    Getting to be closing time soon and last year we got one of those mesh winter covers that is supposed to sit above the water secured with water blocks. I used some inner tubes in the water to help keep the cover off the water, but they would move around too much leaving me with the task or...
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    Thanks for the good advice

    No questions for anyone to answer, just sitting here appreciating the information I’ve gathered from this site from both reading and answers to questions. I’ve only been a pool owner for a year now and kinda wish every home contract with a pool that people sign would have a link to this site in...
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    Solving suction side air leak

    I finally got this SWG all up and running. The generator portion seems to be working well, thanks to some of the questions I had answered on this forum. One problem I do see is that I redid some of my plumbing to install new Jandy valves and I have a small suction side air leak. My not so...
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    Circupool SWG power cord extension options

    I’m installing an RJ60 and my electrical box is too far away from the control box for the power cord to reach. I’m wondering if circupool will let me remove the power cord and replace with a longer one. Anyone had this issue? My other option would be to add a junction box between, but I’d like...
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    Will adding salt affect TA?

    Preparing the pool to install the SWG and need to add about 14 bags of salt. But I’m wondering what that salt will do to the chemical balance of the pool water, specifically the TA. My TA is a bit higher than recommended and so if adding salt will increase it, I may want to drain a bit and...
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    CSI pool math vs Taylor watergram

    I’m just finishing a pool SLAM and I thought I’d start tracking my CSI. But there’s a difference between the number in pool math and the Taylor test kit calculator and wondering if I’m doing one of them wrong. If I read the Taylor kit, it says it’s ~+0.07, but the pool math app says it’s -0.11...
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    SWCG installation layout

    My SWCG I ordered arrived today and the plan is to install it late next week. Since it seems like I learn something new every time I ask a question, I though it might be good to ask what the best installation strategy might be for where to place the cell. My guess would be right where the...
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    How quickly to read PH level for accuracy

    I’m aware that FC over 10 makes the PH test unreliable. Today, I found that with FC =9.0, the PH reading came out at 7.4 immediately after inverting the large tube. But after letting it sit in the vial for about 2 minutes, the color changed to read PH 8.0. My gut tells me to trust the...
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    SWCG recommendations

    I know this might be a “ford vs chevy” type question, but after going through bottle after bottle of liquid chlorine, I’ve got to admit switching to salt sounds pretty appealing, but I know nothing about them. Any kind of guide available with comparisons, things to look for, etc I can read...
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    Cya test differences between test kits

    I’ve been using a Pentair DPD78+ test kitAnd just got a Taylor 2006 kit. My CYA level on my old kit reads 60 but after testing with the new Taylor kit the levels are over 100. Any ideas which one is more accurate or why there might be such a big difference? The Pentair kit uses tablets.
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    Trying to lower TA, but it’s rising

    I’m a new convert to TFP, and had just been following my Pentair test kit recommendations for FC and TA levels which are 1-3 and 90-120 respectively until last week when I started using the pool math app. In an attempt to lower my TA down from 110, I added soda ash to lower the PH to 7.2 as...