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    Going on vacation question

    After finally running my system longer and at a higher % I got my chlorine up and ive been kinda keeping it on the higher end. Its coming in at 10 right now. We are going away for 8 days- do you think this is okay that way we will have no surprises when we come back? Was also going to leave...
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    Getting picky with water clarity

    Im getting picky here but I had to drain and refill my pool for a liner issue last week and when i refilled the water looked pristine. Now, after having it for a few days the water doesn’t sparkle the way it dis before. I adjusted my salt, cya and added chlorine to boost while my salt system got...
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    Trouble keeping chlorine up in 100 degree weather

    The weather has been in the high 90's in Northern NJ for the past few days. It is also very humid. I have noticed my chlorine numbers have been dropping off from where they were last week. My CYA is around 45ish. I upped my SWG to 70%. What should I do?
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    Cloudy pool

    I think i turned my swg down too low for the sunny days. Came home today to a somewhat cloudy pool. I checked my chlorine and it’s about 1.8. Ph is 7.5, alkalinity has always been around 60, salt is 2900 and generating. CYA is about 40-50. I use a taylor test 2006 salt. What should i do to help...
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    White-ish flecks on surface of pool

    I noticed some whit-ish flecks on the top of the pool. You have to look very carefully to see it. I just tested my SWG pool and got the following: Salt 3000 FC 2.6 Alkalinity 70 PH 7.4 Calcium Hardness 160 CYA 40 Anyone know what this could be or what I should do? I thought it could be calcium...
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    Just filled new Saltwater pool

    Our pool just got filled and we had pool school yesterday. My head is still spinning. I need add in salt since we have none. We put it two bags to start yesterday during pool school and he said to do another 3 today and then check where I am. I suspect I will need another 3-4 after that. Is this...
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    New Pool December 2020

    We have been in contract since June 2020, but due to production delays we are one of the last builds for 2020 for my PB. We live in Northern NJ so weather needs to cooperate. We are doing a 16x32 vinyl inground pool with Cambridge pavers including a small retaining wall that was required due to...