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    What is the best underwater sealant for stainless.

    The light can is a American Products, and is stainless steel. Does anyone have a tried and true method of sealing where the cord comes in? Hopefully, something easy to find at a good hardware/auto store. Is JB Weld paste epoxy any good? Thanks in advance.
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    Some time ago I broke the tightening ring on the SWG coupler.

    I have heard you can remove the threaded coupler with a heat gun. Has anyone had experience doing this? I'm using a two piece nut and teflon tape that works fairly well, but I would really like to fix it but there is not enough room to cut and replace.
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    Best practices: I am going to be replacing my 500W 120V pool light.

    I see 500W 120V as an unnecessary risk now that LED's and lower voltages are common. Putting in a transformer seems pretty straight forward. BTW, are they AC or DC? And what is the recommended output?
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    I have an old style pool light - 500w, 120volt.

    I would like to change it to LED. The light is made by American Products, and the receptacle can is ~ 9 1/2 W x 8 3/4.Deep The current one is controlled by a remote system that uses the 120v AC house wiring to carry the signal. The controller is in the power box. I would prefer a remote control...
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    I am trying to remove a rust stain with ascorbic acid

    The plaster pool is dry, and I made a poultuce of ascorbic acid and covered it with plastic. How long can it stay on a rust stain without causing damage?
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    I'm planning an ascorbic acid treatment and a drain out.

    I plan to do the AA treatment on my plaster pool. Do I let it do its thing for 24 hours, then begin pumping out the pool. Do I still need a sequestering agent? Also, what is the PH protocol? Do I add the AA then bring it back to neutral? Or is the relatively short time between the AA treatment...
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    I need to cut out and seal up a spot where Iron is causing a rust mess on the side of my plaster pool.

    I have a rust stain caused by something metal trying to get through my plaster. I plan to drain the pool in late March/April and fix it. I also have some nicks and cracks in my plaster (I think from an earth quake). The pool isn't losing measurable water. Is this something that takes a...
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    I'm replacing a roof solar sensor, and I don't know what kind of wire to use in such an exposed area.

    I wonder if anyone can advise me as to what wire to use on my roof sensor. Obviously it's in the wind, rain, heat and cold, so it has to be pretty rugged. Home Depot is fine if you can recommend something they carry. Amazon, E bay works too. I only need 75 ft or so to be safe. Thanks in advance...
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    I have high silica water, and I'm wondering that if the flakes spit out by out of balance low acidity also contain silica?

    It so happens when I turn on super chlorinate, I get flakes. Which gives me an idea that may be a bit flaky, but here goes: If the flakes contain silica, and I capture them somehow like in a pool net, I would be removing silica from my pool. I can easily replace the calcium removed in the...
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    I have a Pentair VSF. Is there a way to shut off schedules.

    I had everything dialed in for the summer. In the winter everything needs to change. I only need one program at one speed for “X” hours. Do I just manually reset everything? What do most people do?
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    SWG’s and Chloramines. Won’t the Inner Cell Activity Neutralize Them?

    I noticed my chloramines are up a bit due to lots of activity. I didn’t check the total chloramines, but it was pretty pink so I’m going to run on super chlorinate for awhile. I really don’t want to shock, and can’t do that until Monday anyway. It occured to me that inside the cell during...
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    Pentair VSF programming question

    I used the “time out” function to do some maintenance. Then I pressed “program 1”. How do I get it back into the program so it shuts itself off. Its past shut off time, and it is still running. Thanks in advance. EDIT: I think I stumbled in to it.
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    Pentair: I’m going to call a “Lemon Alert” on the 3HP VSF pump.

    I had the VSP installed 6/14/19 and after a few days it started making squeaking noises. Rather than swap out the pump entirely, they changed the motor Monday 7/1. The new motor immediately failed and shut down apparently due to an intetnal short. So I have no idea what their plan is. I’m...
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    New Pentair VSF Making Noise

    It sounds like a singing bearing - off and on . But is was pretty hot yesterday and I wonder if the VSF has an audible alarm. The manual doesn’t say it does or doesn’t. How do get a warranty claim on an intermittent problem?
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    I got my VSF and Solar Touch, all is fine... except the installer got creative. Hmmmm...

    See attached photo. The installer ran an inverted "U" from "pump out" to equipment. He said something about it being a good technique. I have access to all my doors, and he is coming out Wed to fix a small leak, so if this is a dumb idea, I'll make him change it. Feedback, anyone? Thanks in...
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    Wiring for solartouch + VSF pump

    Which wiring diagram do I use in the Solartouch book, to make them run together. I expect to get the pump soon. They don’t spell out the hook up clearly enough for my comfort zone. I have a timer box* with one timer I plan to use for my salt system. Ive got that figured out, and it will just...
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    I think a Pentair VSF pump might be overkill. Are there some good alternatives?

    I've got water solar panels so I'll be looking for a compatible solar controller, too. My pool is pretty basic: Salt system, Solar water panels. Around 14,000 gallons. No features but a manual water fall that I don't need to be automated. That's it. I've been lusting over the Pentair VSF, but...
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    Looking for a VSP installer in the Sacramento, CA area.

    I figured I'd check here. Most of what were pool & solar are now doing solar electricity so my pickin's are slim. I have a single speed system right now, and I'm converting to a Pentair VSF with a Solartouch control. PM me if you are in the area and are licensed.
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    Pentair Intelliflo VSF Pump

    FYI. The Pentair Intelliflow VSF is the newest & greatest. It regulates by pressure as well as RPM. I’m trying to nail down a part number for the 1 1/2 hp model. I keep coming up with P/N 011056 which I believe is the 3 hp. Both come with the data cable to hook up to Pentairs Solartouch solar...
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    Can I run a VS pump "old school" - as in with mechanical timers?

    I'm looking at a 1.5 hp Pentair VS pump, and I would like to replace my old pump without buying a new electronic interface. I'm considering a 1.5 hp model#342001 My setup today is: My pump runs on a timer My SWG runs on a time withing the running time of the pump. (the SWG timer is set trip on...
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    Are we still using toilet floats for pool fillers?

    Is that standard now a days? I remember a float-less job I replace when I bought the place, and I was just wondering since my toilet float type is failing... the float seems to be hanging up and getting stuck, actually. FYI, my inlet is in the bottom of a skimmer sized "pot" recessed in the...
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    I need some advice in repairing 2” pvc rooftop solar

    It’s been problematic since I’ve had joints leak and the work are was done by pro’s. It’s almost as if the glue didn’t work. But it was 100% the right glue and primer. The original guy fixed it twice times until one new guy got it right. Now three years later, a 45 is leaking. (It’s a salt...
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    Does a 1000 SF of Grass use more Water than a 1000 SF of Pool?

    I was having a discussion with a person at a party, and this question seemed one that needed to be answered. I suspect it might be true, but there are a lot of variables. So we should assume for starters, daily watering with no run off, vs a pool with no cover, and no external heat added. Any...
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    Could someone take a look at my numbers?

    I've got a Circupool SWG, finally got it dialed in. The water is a bit low which I do prior to zeroing in on my final pool balance. FC 4.5 CC 0 PH 7.4 TA 70 CH 330 CYA 65-70 Salt 3400 Borate 80 as near as I can tell. (Strips are old). I'd put this as a maybe. This gives me a CSI of -.59...
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    Could someone opine on my numbers please?

    FC 4.5 PH 7.4 TA. 60 CH 260 CYA 40 SALT 3000 Borate 60 Temp 63 My CSI ~ -.83 Suggestions? More rain to come.
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    Pool Closing Advice in a Moderate Climate

    I'm in Roseville, CA - Sacramento Valley. It's quite a mild climate. We get below freezing for a few hours at a time every now and then, mostly January/ February. A pool probably won't get to 60 until Nov or Dec. Anyhow is there an "official" way to close up my pool for the winter? I've always...
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    My exposed aggregate is too rough. I need to grind it down just a bit.

    This is not a new pool. We have exposed aggregate that is rough as a cheese grater. I'm thinking of renting a concrete grinder to just knock off the worst of it, certainly not polish it or make it slippery. Home Depot rents a concrete grinder that will do jobs like this. Does anyone have any...
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    I need a pump/motor reccomendation for water solar, 2 1/2 story

    My son is getting solar water installed and we've decided to install the new motor & pump ourselves. The solar company said a 1 1/2 hp would work to push the solar properly. The one we will be replacing is a Century with a label "Total HP = 1.24. The specification plate says HP 3/4. I don't...
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    When I replaced my motor I noticed the new one was a 2 hp

    I have water solar, and I notice it fills the panels faster, but am I using more electricity than before when everything is full and I'm on normal load? Thanks in advance...