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    Pool SOS

    Try Home Depot or Lowe’s. They call it “pool shock” or “pool chlorine”.
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    Suggestions - like many I am a new pool owner and struggling on what to do and how to get perfectly balanced

    If you decide to follow the TFP method, there is no need to shock the pool. I’ve been using this method for over a year and have not had any algae or needed to “shock” it. Just don’t buy any more potions from the pool store except liquid chlorine, ie “pool shock”. I don’t know why they call it that.
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    No chlorine

    Dont use a puck in the skimmer at all. If you need to use them to add CYA, put them in a floater. Just don’t use too many of them.
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    a baquacil pool

    I'll say I haven't had to add anything to my pool in a week. And the addition of acid last week was only cause I felt like I should be working harder on it and it was a few days away from needing it anyway. I do clean the skimmers every few days but that's about it. Sand Filter pressure stays at...
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    Which salt to buy ?

    Technically, the pool salt dissolves a little faster (it’s smaller particles. but if you’re converting to SWCG, the cheaper salt is a better deal. If you were only topping off the salt at the beginning of the season with a single bag, a couple extra bucks to have it dissolves faster is kinda nice.
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    Is this a dumb idea with Variable Speed pump?

    Once you find the minimum speed to skim adequately, you can program it to run at that speed for X hours per day and then dial it back at night. I almost think speeding it up at might might make more sense of energy cost is lower at night. Could also set it to run higher every two hours or any...
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    Is this a dumb idea with Variable Speed pump?

    ideally the pressure should be as low as possible but doesn’t really matter unless it gets too high. If you’re unhappy with the skimming action at a low speed, increase it like you have until it’s working like you want it. I think mine runs at 1750 normally and drops down a bit at night on a...
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    No chlorine

    Should also test your own water to find out whether the store test numbers are accurate or not.
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    Stray Voltage in Pool

    Are you able to test and see if you can be shocked when standing on the concrete before filling it in? Maybe bond the wire to the rebar dowels in a couple spots to check if your solution is going to work?
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    Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus

    I like mine And it’s been working well for over a year. It does a decent job of scrubbing the waterline tiles for the most part.
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    Help! Green water after shocking

    A test kit which you can use yourself would also be a better idea rather than trusting the pool store.
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    High chlorine levels

    In reality, I suspect the FC is not really as high as it reads. Much of it is bound to the CYA and the tests are unable to distinguish between FC by itself and FC bound to CYA. But when the bound up FC is needed, it’s able to break free from the CYA and go to work. Is my understanding correct?
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    Is this a dumb idea with Variable Speed pump?

    You asked about using the cal-hypo with the feeder... Don’t ever put anything in the feeder except the trichlor. Especially not cal hypo.
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    Accidentally Lowered My Water Too Far

    When I closed my pool last winter, I shut the pump speed control off while I purged water from the plumbing but forgot to turn the circuit breaker off. Once the timer turned the pump back on, it had been running dry for hours before I realized it. The pump was warm but seems to be fine so far...
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    The timing of FC minimum vs Target

    In my case it runs from about 10am to 8pm. So morning would be lowest FC unless there was FC usage during the day that consumed it enough to overcome the SWCG output. Maybe manually chlorinating would be best done at night after the sun and bather load has consumed FC? Interesting and hadn’t...
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    The timing of FC minimum vs Target

    I always check in the morning while coffee is brewing. Then the levels are set for the day. Any benefit to checking at evening instead?
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    WaterGuru Setup - New Owner

    I’ve never seen a rapid change in pH or even in FC. Is there a known mechanism under which that could happen? (Maybe there is...) Unless I don’t test for a week or let the FC get too low, then the results can show a large change. If the data is unreliable, it would seem that relying on it for...
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    How to re-bury filter diffuser core assembly into sand bottom inside 19" sand-filter?

    A wet/dry shop vac should be able to get most of the sand out, albeit a bit slower than a scooping it out.
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    Advice on testing device

    I also got the pH meter and am not thrilled with its performance. The drop test is way easier and seems more reliable. The meter takes a while to be in the water to get a reading that matches the drop test.
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    My deck color makes me want to cry

    Yea, I’d live with it for a season as well. The color may fade a bit.
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    How to fix rough concrete from saltwater pool

    I’ll say the 20 year old decking around my pool all looks like the same texture, which is the rougher texture in that picture.
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    Cyanuric Acid High - Chlorine not holding

    Ok, I guess that makes sense but he’s still replying on pool store test for that CYA value (I assume). So would it be better to assume Leslies is correct about CYA and replace the water now or order a test kit and add chlorine until it arrives?
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    Cyanuric Acid High - Chlorine not holding

    But one of the standard advice from @mknauss is that you need to add 5ppm of chlorine each day (When accurate testing isn’t available) to keep things from getting worse until a proper test kit arrives. Am I misunderstanding something?
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    Cyanuric Acid High - Chlorine not holding

    Yea, that’s kinda what I meant. He needs a gallon of chlorine just to keep things where they’re at now. Getting rid of the algae is another issue. Exchanging the water (or I guess a reverse osmosis treatment) is really needed.
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    Cyanuric Acid High - Chlorine not holding

    The only unstabilized chlorine is sodium hypo/pool shock/bleach. You are probably adding cal-hypo if it’s a powder, and it adding calcium to the water. You will have a hard time keeping algae at bay with 210 CYA. But if those values are from a pool store or test strips then there’s no way to...
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    WaterGuru Setup - New Owner

    The good part about the Taylor and TF-100 test kits is that there’s really no color comparisons except for the pH. FC changes from pink to clear. CH and TA change from one color to another color. And the CYA test is seeing the “dot” or not seeing it.
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    SWG and Bees

    I wonder if those mist sprayers that you setup around non-humid patios might help. A fire pit or a BBQ smoker setup to let the smoke blow their way might help deter them as well.
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    Air Supply Cyclone Alternative

    I wasn’t able to get my shop vac to blow out the main drain but it could do the skimmer lines. I had to hook up a compressor to blow out the drain. I almost wonder if a cyclone would put enough pressure to spray paint with an HVLP sprayer.
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    Intellichlor IC 40 not generating chlorine

    Dumb question, but how much salt is in the water? Are you testing yourself?
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    First SLAM, but not really sure why...UPDATE: not again?

    Ah, yes that’s what I meant, but autocorrect seemed to not agree.