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    Can shotcrete go over mud?

    Hi all, Supposed to get shotcrete (finally) on Tuesday, but there is still some pretty muddy spots in the deep end. We've used the sump pump, but some water remains. Is that okay for them to shotcrete if it doesn't dry up by Tuesday AM? Many thanks!
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    Spa depth

    Hi all, Dig day was last week and the spa is dug to a depth of 4' with an expected water depth of 36". I've been at a hotel spa recently that had a 4' depth (per label, guess the water depth was 42" and that depth seemed quite right. Would love to hear from spa owners regarding this issue...
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    PebbleSheen color equivalent to Stonescapes

    Hi all, I've seen pictures posted here and a video on youtube of Stonescapes Aqua White. I would love to know what the color equivalent is in Pebble Sheen. Looking for a true blue, no green. Many thanks!
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    Spa spillway looks strange?

    Hi all, So, yea!! - dig day is Friday!!! So excited! Our raised spa will have a 3' spillway and I've seen a lot of pictures where a formed piece is used to move the water out further from the edge of the spa. It looks like some preformed (not sure what material) thing which I don't think is...
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    Am I crazy for thinking about marble steps?

    Hi all, I found this stunning picture of a pool on Pinterest that makes me consider marble for the steps also. We are already using Bluestone Marble for the pool decking and have been told it is not slippery (at least no more so than travertine). We had been pretty set on Pebbletec Aqua Blue...
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    Is Bluestone travertine actually marble?

    HI all, So, we really love the look of a product the supplier is calling Bluestone travertine marble. Supposed to be from Turkey(for whatever that is worth knowing). It is has an incredible feel and no pits - literally none. It has gorgeous color and some movement with white veining. We've...
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    Step location on a rectangular pool?

    Hi all, We are so excited that we are soon to dig on our new 16 x 32 pool! We plan on a pool depth from 3 1/2 ft to 7 ft. We will also have a raised spa with spillover 7 x 9 on the middle side of the length of the pool(outside of the pool). I would love to see the steps directly across from...
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    Does spa spillover work when in the spa?

    Hi all, Our PB recommended a 3' spillover and we really like that idea from a water "noise" and aesthetic standpoint. Our design is a 16 x 32 with a 7 x 9 spa on the far side of the length. We were wondering if the spillover works when the spa is in use or what if the spa is not in use but we...
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    Water features that make the most noise?

    Hi all, Still trying to make a few decisions and one is about water features. We've had quotes for sheer descent waterfalls (2), deck jets and bubblers. Aside from cost factor, which is the loudest? We live near a road, so that is driving force on decision. One PB told us that sheer descents...
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    Are Lien release/waivers used?

    Getting so close to having a pool - yea! Do homeowners ask the PB for a lien waiver for the larger subcontractors?
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    Wall design requirements

    Hi all, We've received several quotes and thought we had chosen our perfect contractor. However, we have a structural engineer in the family who was reviewing the quote and had some concerns about the pool wall construction - 16x32 pool with 3 1/2 to 7 ft depth. The quote calls for #3 rebar on...