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    AQR15 Long run time = low salt

    Greetings! I am hoping to get some advice. I am dealing with a problem that started last season: When the SWCG first starts in the day, the salt reading is fairly accurate; however, detected levels eventually drop over time causing a "Low Salt" error. I can remedy this by running the pump...
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    Managing CSI in Cold Water

    All, Old Man Winter is in the desert southwest and my pool is a bone-chilling 49 degrees. The SWCG is off and I am using liquid chlorine. Here are my numbers: FC: 8 CC: 0 pH: 7.7 TA: 70 CH: 375 CYA: 80 Salt: 3500 Borates: 50 That brings my CSI to -0.59 and "Potential to become corrosive to...
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    Water bugs possible without algae?

    I found about half a dozen water bugs in two corners of my pool today (roughly 12 in all). I am diligent with balancing my water although admittedly I have been neglecting the sweeping portion of maintenance. I had a fair amount of ocotillo leaves and other vegetation settled to various places...
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    SWCG Faulty?

    Greetings fellow TFP'ers. I am hoping you can help me with my Hayward T-15. It just started acting up a couple days ago. I cleaned the cell but still see some odd behavior. Taylor K-1766 shows 3400ppm of salt. I am running in "quick boost (100%)" to troubleshoot. Here are the readings off...
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    White Line

    Hi there. I am starting to see a white line around the perimeter of my pool and am not sure what it is. I've been managing my pool chemistry and am dumbfounded as to the cause. Any thoughts? FC 6 CC 0 Ph 7.8 CH 375 TA 60 NaCl 3000 I appreciate your advice. Thanks! - Flappy
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    Jandy, Crank up the Heat!

    Anyone know how to bypass the max setting of 104F for the Spa on a Jandy RS8? Sure, I could throw a bag of ice on the inline temperature probe or even dork with the calibration setting but I would rather a more elegant solution. In an ideal world, I would be able to set a higher target temp...
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    Tiny intake leak?

    I'm wondering if you folks can help me identify if (and where) an intake leak is coming from. It doesn't appear that I am pulling air in the skimmer (no vortex and the diverter is in place); I checked the basket O-ring and pump union O-ring; and put pipe tape on the pump union threads. The two...
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    Using lots of MA - Plaster still curing?

    Greetings TFP'ers! Quick question for y'all: It's been almost 6 months since the re-plastering of my pool and I am still going through a significant amount of muriatic acid. Could the Pebble-Tec still be curing? Here are my numbers today:Cl: 6 CC: .5 (Palo Verde pollen - ugh) TA: 60 pH: 7.6...
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    Actuator for Spillover

    I am thinking about adding another actuator (or two) to further automate the water flow system. Currently the wall returns and in-floor cleaning are operated manually thus I leave on the spillover 100% of the time with the exception being when I use pop-ups instead of the robot. Here is a...
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    Sand Filter and Water Return

    In testing the effectiveness of the sand filter, I poured a small amount of stabilizer into the skimmer and a portion (but but not all) of it came back into the pool from the wall return. I haven’t seen any sand in the pool so doubt that a lateral is broken; however, all other attempted...
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    Pork Roast

    It's a cool Saturday morning and good time as any to fire up the smoker! Just put on a pork roast that I rubbed down last night:
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    Pump Replacement

    Next on the list for pool upgrades is a possible pump replacement. The model I have is a decade old and starting to get noisy. Here is a photo of the motor: Cost of electricity in my neck of the woods averages ~$0.13 kW/hr. In looking at the label and counting on fingers and toes...
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    Pool Renovations in Tucson

    Well, I took the plunge and decided to get the pool renovated. I got three bids over the weekend, chose a builder that I liked the best, and started the process yesterday. I'm getting the decrepit Kool deck redone, the tile cleaned, and replacing the dyed plaster with Pebbletec Stonescapes...
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    Paramount & SWCG

    I spent a little time, effort, and money to get the Paramount floor cleaning system working. I removed and cleaned all the pop-ups and replaced the 6-port valve. Here is my dilemma: In order to get enough pressure to properly cycle through zones, I need to manually turn off the return to the...
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    Maytronics Dolphin Supreme M5 - She's dead, Jim

    My M5 started cleaning in circles and I noticed only one track was moving. Able to move them both manually, I took apart the casing and found that the dead motor had water in it. The machine was purchased over the Internet 26 months ago so it is unlikely I can make a warranty claim. I found a...
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    Conversion to SWCG Complete

    The salt water chlorine generator install is complete. I redid the plumbing to accommodate, hooked the control box up to the Aqualink, and got everything working. All that is left to do is some cable management and painting of the PVC. I fired the pool company but not before they doused my...
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    Filter, Organic Material, and Chemical Service

    Greetings. This is my first post to this forum and I have two issues for which I could use some advice. My 30,000 gallon in ground pool uses a Pentair Triton II TR-100 sand filter and I run the pump 12 hours per day. I also use a clarifier after every backwash as it seems to help keep the...