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    Pentair Whisperflow Parts

    Hey all, since the Feb freeze in Texas I’ve been waiting on a new housing for a 2hp Whisperflow pump that I ordered. Does anyone know when these should be back in stock? Does anyone happen to have one they’d be willing to sell? Thanks!
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    What does your pool paradise look like?

    Come on Joboo, we have trees! They’re just vertically challenged!
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    Please post pictures of your pool cabana/house!

    Uh, that’s not a pool house, that’s a house house 😂. Very nice!
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    New Build South Texas

    Our builder did the same with the boards under the rebar. When I asked about it he said they always leave them and it won’t affect anything 🤷‍♂️.
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    New Build in Rockwall TX

    Those are set on a ledge. I assume it’s to help distribute the weight better across the bond beam. It’s about 6 tons of rock.
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    New Build in Rockwall TX

    Straight old school white plaster. Here’s a pic from this morning after sweeping.
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    New Build in Rockwall TX

    Got everything wrapped up yesterday and today. Let me know what you think! I’ll get some daytime photos tomorrow.
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    New Build in Rockwall TX

    Final leveling of the travertine before they sweep in the sand. I can’t wait until Monday for plaster!
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    New Build in Rockwall TX

    The brand is Aquabella, not sure on the color name.
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    New Build in Rockwall TX

    So lots of changes since my last post. After they built the grotto the wife and I decided we completely hated the color, too much red! After lots of back and forth with the builder we decided to go ahead and tear it down and rebuild with a different color stone that blends better with the...
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    New Build in Central Texas - Patio Build Out

    And that my friends is called a well thought out game plan!
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    New Build in Rockwall TX

    Thanks, will be delivered sept 4-9, plenty of time before plaster.
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    New Build in Rockwall TX

    Great idea, I’ve never really messed with landscape lighting but now would definitely be the time to get the runs out passes the pool. The plumbing has already been filled but the sprinkler guy has to come run new lines after the decking is done so I’m sure I could throw an extra pipe in his...
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