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    Boosting Solar Throughput

    Hi Everyone, In the past 2 summers, I havent really been satisfied with the way my solar heating system is working. It does bring the temperature up on warm, sunny days, but quickly loses that over night and takes all day to recover the heat. I know a solar cover would help dramatically...
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    Sand Filter Leaking

    Hey Everyone, I was out at the pool today to clean the skimmer and noticed my sand filter was spraying a fine mist out of a pinhole crack on the side. I shut it down for fear that the whole thing might rupture and drain the pool. :cry: I am now trying to figure out what to do as far as a...
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    Need some pump advice

    Hi everyone, I installed my solar heating panels last summer, and based on everything I read, I am not getting enough flow through them. Everything I have read says that I should only feel a few degree difference between the pool water and the water coming in the pool after running through the...
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    What a day.....

    For the past week or so, I've needed to mow the yard, but due to the rain, its been too soggy. Today, i was thinking the yard would be dry enough to mow..... So last night at some point, the flex hose going from the pump to the sand filter blew off the fitting and the pump proceeded to empty...
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    Planning solar install

    As i mentioned in another thread, I am planning my solar install right now. The roof I have to build on is about 12'x12', so I was going to go with 4 of the 10' panels. I figure thats the equivalent sq footage of two 2x20 panels. My pool is only an 18' round with about 8000 gallons in it. In...
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    PVC Pipe for Solar Install

    Wasnt sure if i should put this in this forum, or the "Everything Else", but here goes anyway. I'm planning my solar install and in doing research, have noticed a lot of people using black pipe for thier install. It looks much better than the white PVC, but if I am not mistaken, isnt the black...
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    Anyone tried one of these yet? ... word=S7800 I don't really have any place to mount 4'x20' panels, so i was thinking about 1 or 2 of these. I can get them for half that at Sam's Club, just wondering if anyone had used them and if they were any good.
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    New pool pump... need help

    So I am currently looking to replace my pool pump (this one finally let the smoke out). The pool came with the house, so I didnt have any choices on what equipment came with it. Its an 18' round above ground doughboy pool. It came with the doughboy 300lb sand filter, and a Powerpak 3, a 1.5...
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    12.5% bleach success!

    So, i went to the new power washing store here (Charleston, SC) today for the first time and they have 12.5% bleach for 1$1.45 a gallon. This price is unbelievable for me, since ive been paying 2.28 for the big jugs of 6.5 at wal-mart (i know they are larger than a gallon, but this still works...
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    Closing in warmer weather

    Hi Everyone, To preface, we live in Charleston, SC, so it doesnt get as cold as some of the other places. It is rare to have more than 4-5 nights a winter that are below 32 degrees. We moved into this house in December of last year, and the owner hadnt done anything to close the pool, they...
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    Heating pool with LP

    Hi everyone, Im thinking about putting some type of LP heater in my pool system to keep it a little warmer than it is. Im thinking LP because I dont have natural gas here, and I can have one of the large tanks put behind the deck (would be nice to run my grill off of also). My pool is only...
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    Peristaltic pumps - Worth mentioning

    Thought anyone interested also might like to know that the pumps used for model airplane fuel are peristaltic pumps in a small package, run on 12v, and pump decently fast. For example: ... LXVZ40&P=0 is only $13. Ive got several for my model...
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    A.G. lighting - Suggestions?

    Our A.G. pool doesnt have any lights at all, and I am trying to find a suitable solution for it. We would love to do some night swimming, but would like some light in the pool. Any suggestions on a good light that I could add to the pool (either floating or hanging on the side). Thanks!
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    Leaf Skimmer - recommendations?

    Anyone got any recommendations on a leaf skimmer to go on the end of my pole? The one I have is a biogaurd blue plastic with like an aluminum insert that goes around the plastic rim. I think its a piece of Crud and has recently cracked allowing the aluminum insert that holds the netting to...
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    Stolen Pool

    Just read this on msnbc and thought it was pretty funny: Stolen Pool
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    My Conversion from SoftSwim

    I finally got around to uploading my pics from a couple of months ago when I converted to BBB from SoftSwim, thought I would share: Day 1: Day 2: Day 3: Now!:
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    Building Chlorine Injector

    Wasnt sure what section to post this in. I am starting to think about designing a cheap way to constantly add bleach to my pool. I have seen people using that liquidator, and also the pump systems. All I am interested in really building is a system that will open a valve at certain intervals...
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    Kinda pool related, but kinda not (Pool shed and critters)

    So, we put our christmas stuff in the large shed in the back, which is also where we keep the pool toys. I noticed the floor started looking like someone was having a party with confetti. Turns out, some kind of rodent is eating our boxes and has even eaten through some of the plastic...
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    High CC, doesnt seem to want to drop

    I did some searching and read the posts that came up, but wanted to ask anyhow. I got my Taylor K-2006 the other day and my CC read 0.6, so I went to shock. My readings last night were: FC 3.6 CC 0.6 PH 7.4 TA 100 CH 120 CYA 45 I put in enough bleach to bring the chlorine to 20ppm, which I...