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    Boosting Solar Throughput

    Yeah, I think im gonna get the solar cover also. Since I have the extra pump laying around, I would only lose my time and a couple of bucks in fittings to add it to the system. Is the general consensus that this would be a waste of time?
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    Boosting Solar Throughput

    1.5" all the way there. THey are about 9 feet off the ground at the low point, and 13 feet off at the high point. The place where the panels are is perfect, south facing. It gets sun all day long. Ill take some measurements once I get everything going again for the summer, but it does rise...
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    Boosting Solar Throughput

    Nah, I at least know better than that :) I have an automated controller too, so it's not operating when the panels are cooler than the pool.
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    Boosting Solar Throughput

    I know I could use more panels, only have 80 sq ft of them. Unfortunately I don't have any more accessible roof space without going all the way up to the top of the second story. The panels are a good 100 ft away from the pool. I'm surprised how low your temperature losses are. If I get...
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    Boosting Solar Throughput

    Hi Everyone, In the past 2 summers, I havent really been satisfied with the way my solar heating system is working. It does bring the temperature up on warm, sunny days, but quickly loses that over night and takes all day to recover the heat. I know a solar cover would help dramatically...
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    Building Chlorine Injector

    Wow, I love seeing this thread pop back up. Ill get around to posting my injector some time in the near future.
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    Sand Filter Leaking

    Hey Everyone, I was out at the pool today to clean the skimmer and noticed my sand filter was spraying a fine mist out of a pinhole crack on the side. I shut it down for fear that the whole thing might rupture and drain the pool. :cry: I am now trying to figure out what to do as far as a...
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    Need some pump advice

    I was worried that might be the answer. I have used all of the available space on the little patio roof i built, so I may have to get creative at this point.... I might try the cheap way out and try a solar cover during the week (since we only swim on the weekends) and see how much that helps.
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    Need some pump advice

    You cant tell from the picture, but it is actually slightly tilted as well, so the lowest point is the front pipe. When it switches the panels off, the vacumn release valve gurgles and the panels do drain. It never really freezes here in Charleston, so draining them before winter and leaving...
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    Need some pump advice

    I misspoke in my post above, and my math was wrong :) They are 2x10 panels, there is 80 sq ft total. When I saw mas mention 160 sq ft i realized my error. 80 sq ft should be enough for my size pool though, correct? Edit: And since there doesnt seem to really be anything obvious wrong, I will...
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    Need some pump advice

    It is all 1.5" piping, four 2x20 panels, plumbed in parallel. Here are some pics of the installation for reference:
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    Need some pump advice

    Hi everyone, I installed my solar heating panels last summer, and based on everything I read, I am not getting enough flow through them. Everything I have read says that I should only feel a few degree difference between the pool water and the water coming in the pool after running through the...
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    WalMart Ultra Bleach - $2.54 now

    With the wal-mart bleach, has anyone else noticed that the pull tab seal on the top of the bottle has become infinitely crappy lately? It used to be really easy to remove, now I seem to have to fight with every single one of them. Like production quality went down or something.
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    Replaced Polaris Turtle/65 Parts and Only Front Jets Working

    I would be willing to say that it cant hurt to really thoroughly clean everything with that scrubber. The cleaner the polaris is, the better. I bet there are some nasty things in there, because you arent using the little wire filter. I would recommend going back to using that. I just keep a...
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    Replaced Polaris Turtle/65 Parts and Only Front Jets Working

    Hey Catherine, thats exactly what im referring to. I wouldnt stick anything metal under the seals, so you dont nick them. I have some small wooden spoons I use that do fit (maybe the size of a popsicle stick), so I apologize for not being clearer :). Did you replace the clear chambers as...
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    Polaris Turtle repairs

    Sounds like youve got it right. Here are my attempts at answers: 1 - The company says the ball should go in a particular chamber, but Ive experimented moving it around and find its best for my pool when it blocks one of the back ports. 2 - I'd have to take mine apart to look, but if i...
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    Replaced Polaris Turtle/65 Parts and Only Front Jets Working

    Have you "flexed" the piston seals? If you take it back apart, there should be a piston inside the black part of the mechanism. The piston will have a silicone rubber flange type seal facing both directions. Take your finger and run it under the flange on both sides, all around the piston. I...
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    Replaced Polaris Turtle/65 Parts and Only Front Jets Working

    The white tube with the fins on it should be spinning and slowly moving back or forward, thsi is the mechanism that changes the direction every so often. The little ball should go in the larger clear cavity, where the 4 tubes going to the jets connect. It shoudl go in either the front or rear...
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    Basket in skimmer keeps floating up when not under pressure

    The doughboy baskets do this. Same with mine. Just drop a smooth river rock into it. Works like a charm.
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    New Cartridge Undersized?? + Polaris 65 Repairs & More

    I have almost the same setup you do, and my 1hp pump even is able to power my solar heating system, and still have enough pressure to power my polaris 65. Once you get the pressure issue sorted, I can help with your polaris 65 if need be, just keep posting updates.
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    Pepper Spray

    I know you said you didnt want to order it, but for future reference if anyone searches, you can get a good deal on it at
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    Aqua Solar Control Install

    Im an electrical engineer, and I have never seen a jumper "burn out". They dont work like fuses. It is possible that the jumper got mechanically broken, but I would imagine that would only happen if you were actively removing/inserting it a ton and were using a 50 pound wrench to do it :)...
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    Ugly brown ring around pool walls

    I had the same thing happen, and I blame it on me not closing the pool properly, in addition to the temperature rising above 60 for an extended period of time after I did close it. It stained every inch of my liner brown. I used a magic eraser to get most of it, inch by inch, but there is...
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    Please help with my DIY solar heater

    This is where i bought mine from. For about $580 (including shipping), you could get the panels you are looking for. Down near the bottom, 4 of the ING10-REP2 is what you are looking for, right?
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    Can't get my FC level up.

    Re: Still can't get my FC level to stay up even after shocking You really need to get some full test results ASAP. The main one I dont see listed is your CYA. If there is no CYA in your pool, its no wonder your FC is disappearing. Also, your goal is to have your TC be zero (or very close)...
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    New - Questions about my test results.

    There are a couple of things going on here. I think you mean Cyanuric acid (at least i hope you do). Also, if your TC reading is correct, you have a CC reading of 1.5, which means you need to shock your pool. You need to head over to the poolcalculator at and plug in...
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    Now how do we treat a Tramp in a POOL???

    Thats insane!
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    Re: Fitting and gluing Flex PVC

    Re: Fitting and gluing Flex PVC You can start getting it into the fitting correct? If so, once you prime it and apply the glue, the glue should act as a lubricant and allow you to ram it all the way in there, just be prepared to push hard and give it a twist immediately after putting the glue...
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    water chemistry and the eyes

    You might also try checking with a different eye doctor. If all of a sudden his eyes are hurting from multiple water sources (bath, public pool, your pool) then maybe its more than sensitivity.
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    Whats behind the name?

    My nickname used to be TheWolf, in honor of Harvey Keitel in Pulp Fiction, but then I went to college at NC State University (hey duraleigh!), and people assumed it was derived from the Wolfpack (NC State Sports). As you can imagine, TheWolf was a hard nickname to register around the...