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    CYA affect SWG Production?

    Thank You,just wondering because I didn't get the result it usually provides .Had to end up dumping bleach into pool to raise FC.
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    CYA affect SWG Production?

    Raising my Chlorine level before shutting down for the winter..
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    CYA affect SWG Production?

    Does your CYA level affect chlorine production? I usually run my CYA around 50-60 during the summer.Last month I checked and it was 40.I didn't adjust sense it was close to closing.I noticed this week in the process of closing for the season when I super chlorinated it seemed to not increase...
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    Putting winter cover on AGP

    Glad to hear it worked.
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    Putting winter cover on AGP

    Use the inner tube with a rope tied to it and lay particle cover on the tube and pull it across the pool.I put mine on by myself by starting at my deck and weight down end of cover down and use my pool poles then pull it across.
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    Test Kit Storage

    I have alway's stored mine in my bedroom under the bed out of the light.
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    New Pool Owner lost in the sauce!!

    Will,be more educated people on here later .I can say you really need to educate yourself in Pool School .This Site will teach you to stay away from the pool stores by using general household goods.You definally going to need a lot more salt for sure.You really need to start getting some non...
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    Above Ground Pool Corner Caps

    In Above Ground Pool forum.Listed as Facelift,paint,foam padding,new liner,SWG,lighting.Last post was Saturday.
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    Above Ground Pool Corner Caps

    Spray Paint will work just fine.There was a current thread where someone painted there top rails.Very nice and Resin is a lot easier to paint and stick than metal in my opinion
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    Where do you store supplies

    Keep Chlorine under the house.Stay's cool and easy to get to.I keep my Vacuum Supply's in a rolling trash bin and store it in the same place
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    Above Ground Pool Corner Caps

    Top rails are designed for a purpose.I thought about the boards and stain them.Seen a few that really look nice.Problem is with the molded top rail it comes down and covers your beaded hanger and helps keep it notched in to keep water out.With wood you cannot get it to come down low...
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    Ladder mat

    I went to Lowe's and got a bathroom shower liner that goes in the bottom of a new shower.They sale it by the foot.Has worked great for 4 yrs so far.Before then I would use the suction bathtub matts.They will stay stuck to floor
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    Salt Level is high

    I'm only running my at 10 % on two 5 hour run times.Also,are you getting your salt level from a test or info from SWG.
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    Salt Level is high

    Wouldn't do anything if SWG is taking it without any errors.Salt level will come down.Swimmers may get a little more salt taste.I did the same thing.
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    Best way to use black pool cover

    Yes to a degree.It keeps water evaporation down during the night.
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    Harris verses Hayward???

    Please keep me posted for sure.I ended up having the motor replaced on my pump.Was able to replace with a Century 1 hp/2 speed cheaper than buying a whole new pump system again.I did some more reading on the Harris Product and just decided to rebuild what I had.Thank You for the reply and will...
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    Utility trailer fitment question.

    Just knock out block so trailer fit in.Then just put up wide'r gate to cover it up.Problem solved
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    Hayward support

    Hate to say that unless you are a retailer for them you will not have any luck.I tried to get with them about a issue I had with my 4 yr old pump.They responded by email with a local list of there retailers to buy from them.Ugg ..
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    How often do you test?

    Do a full test every weekend when I vacuum.My level's always stay's the same.I don't stress over it.I do think some go overboard.
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    What to do with leftover wet stabilizer in a sock?

    Exactly,I love the little 8 oz packages now .No mess..
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    What to do with leftover wet stabilizer in a sock?

    If you will take your hand and work the stocking like hand washing it.You will get all of it in the pool.Then I will take the stocking and hang it up to dry for the next time to use.
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    Reef liner trouble

    Not Sure,But,word of advice the one we had started fading within the day that I started filling.I had issues with wrinkles so it took me a few days before having filled all the way.Was completely faded after the season.Warranty doesn't cover fade either.I have found a liner yet that doesn't fade.
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    Speedstir battery dying! Help lol

    Duck Tape holds it
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    Speedstir battery dying! Help lol

    Knife thing is not good .It will strip it to the point a screwdriver will not work.I never liked mine.More trouble than it's worth.
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    Speedstir battery dying! Help lol

    Forgot I had
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    Pump Motor Cover

    I found a old milk crate and cut one end to fit over pump end.Plenty of ventilation all around.The handle opening on motor end is perfect so I can get to switch.Had some singles in the building. Just cut one in half and used some screws to fasten to crate.
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    Pump Motor Cover

    Just installed new pump motor today.Looking for suggestion on protecting from the weather.Post those pictures please.
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    New liner - moving skimmer, pump, filter etc

    I rerouted a return line.I just used some aluminum flashing and covered the old hole.Same could be done with the return with any Pc's of metal and new holes would be cut.
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    Is my SWG bad?

    And you will have fun trying to fine and if you do there is a limit on it.Be better off now just buying liquid chlorine.Walmart has 10% at $3.50 gal.Good Luck
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    Not sure what to do. Pool is cloudy.

    TF-100 is a better deal and it ships from North Carolina.Just order straight from there site