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  1. wgipe

    Went on vacation for 8 days, and….

    Came home to a perfectly balanced pool. Just opened the cover, tested, and hopped in. You guys rock.
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    Liner Delay?

    it took us several months to get our liner from Latham. It was ordered last August, and arrived Dec. 17, which pushed our build to the spring. They very well could be in better shape now, but that was our experience.
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    What's your robot's name?

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    Polywood Furniture

    Quick question for those who have cushions - if you leave them out and it rains, do they hold water? Ours do terribly unless we prop them up vertically and let them drain. Otherwise, we love our Polywood stuff - this is a small thing - just wondering if perhaps others were experiencing the same...
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  6. wgipe

    Pentair actuators: can I have a valve half opened vs all the way?

    Sure thing. Just know that they currently do not support multiple valve positions from the IntelliCenter, etc. It is allegedly on the roadmap, but no commitment as to when. Why they would release the variable position valve without support from the automation panel I will never know. All that...
  7. wgipe

    Pentair actuators: can I have a valve half opened vs all the way?

    I’m saying you *cannot* do that. You set the limit switches for the on and off position on the actuator itself. The automation just sends forward/reverse voltage to the valve, and it stops wherever you set this limit switches. You can pull the top off one of you’d existing valves if you want to...
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    Pentair actuators: can I have a valve half opened vs all the way?

    You can definitely adjust for that. What you cannot do is tell your automation to set it half way, 1/4 way, etc. Basically, there are two little limit switches that you rotate around to set the open and closed position - very easy to do and is detailed in the instructions.
  9. wgipe

    Dewatering point - should I add a sump pump and keep it dry?

    Hi guys! We built a pool several months back (build thread linked in my sig), and due to the area being fairly wet, the builder added a well point. It connects to the gravel backfill around the pool and also includes gravel and pipe in a trench under the deep end. We never hit water, but when...
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    Calcium Hardness Test Drop Size

    I see what you did there…😂
  11. wgipe

    LED pool light

    Keep in mind that the breaker is there to see to it that the wire does not get overloaded and cause a fire. Because of that, breaker size should be matched to wire gauge (in the most common cases - as with anything, there are exceptions. Generally speaking, a 20-amp breaker should host 12AWG...
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    Air Supply Cyclone Alternative

    That was my logic. It really is hard to believe no one has made a knockoff.
  13. wgipe

    Pool Store Honesty Test

    Our local pool store just posted a sign announcing a $5 charge for testing unless you buy at least $30 worth of chemicals in that visit. 🤦🏻‍♂️ Some poor lady had obviously just been sold up the river, as she had to make two trips to her car to carry all of her new potions… Only reason I went...
  14. wgipe

    Air Supply Cyclone Alternative

    I spent more time than I’d like to admit looking for an alternative that would push similar air volume. I didn’t find anything close, so I ended up buying the Cyclone. My Grandpa was an auto mechanic and he always told me that you can either cry once when you buy a good tool or cry every time...
  15. wgipe

    Skin feels drier after adding SWG, not sure why?

    I thought the same thing after firing up our SWCG. I’ve let the salt level drift down a fair bit through rainwater and splash-out. I have definitely noticed that as the salt level came down a bit that went away. That said, correlation is not causation, so I may be connecting things that aren’t...
  16. wgipe

    IntelliCenter and MasterTemp 400 Communication

    Super helpful. So, to clarify, does “older MasterTemp” mean anything with a manufacture date prior to March of this year? If so, it’s curious that they would release such a kit if the juice is not worth the squeeze. Thanks so much for all you do to help the community with this stuff!
  17. wgipe

    Pentair Filter Question

    You can absolutely do what you are asking about. I just got a couple of bushings from Home Depot, converted from that to 3/4 pex, put a valve on it, and then routed to a drain. Works like a champ.
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  20. wgipe

    Pool Cover Pump Recommendation??

    Little Giant 577301 APCP-1700... : Little Giant 577301 APCP-1700 Automatic Swimming Pool Cover Submersible Pump, 1/3-HP, 115V, Blue : Swimming Pool Water Pumps : Garden & Outdoor This is the one that came with my cover. Based on reviews saying they only last a few years in some...
  21. wgipe

    Ariel by Solar-Breeze

    @cowboycasey - Could you send me details on the group buy if not too late? These trees are driving me bonkers!
  22. wgipe

    IntelliCenter and MasterTemp 400 Communication

    Great find. I really would like to do this. Looks like from my searching that they have not yet released the upgrade kit.
  23. wgipe

    Verifiable Benefits of a Heater Bypass Install

    I have found the same thing. I use just over 100 watts on bypass and about 375 when pushing through the heater. I run at 1,200 rpm constantly to satisfy flow for my SWG. When pushing through the heater, I have to run at 1,600 minimum. I installed an automated valve, and when heat is called for...
  24. wgipe

    Finding Suction-Side Leak - next steps

    If you have valves that can be rebuilt, you might take the valve apart and lubricator everything with pool lube. Those can sometimes be the culprit.
  25. wgipe

    CoverStar Sensor with IntelliCenter?

    Thanks so much for taking the time to do this. You beat me to it. Our cover was installed last Thursday, and CoverStar didn't even try to assist. Frankly, I've been completely unimpressed with CoverStar Central. The techs are in a chronic hurry, do not communicate, and the last one that was...
  26. wgipe

    Amazed by my post-party test results!

    Yesterday, we had our first big pool party. 25 people in and out of the pool for 10 hours. On the advice here, I dosed with LC prior to the party to get to the high target, ran the SWG at 100% throughout, and then let the SWG run through this evening. Just tested: FC: 8 CC: 0 pH: 7.7ish I find...
  27. wgipe

    Return on wall with pool cover?

    Welcome to TFP! I did all of the mechanicals for my build (had a builder do the pool walls and deck). I learned everything I needed to know from this site alone, and can honestly say I wouldn’t go back and change one thing. You’re in the right place - many people here so full builds on their...
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  29. wgipe down.........AGAIN

    I finally had an hour or so to install and configure this. Fantastic, elegant solution. Thanks for the tip! My pool controller is now up and running and I've got external access to boot.
  30. wgipe

    Pentair IntelliCenter Pool Control Dashboard Instructional Guide

    Bingo. Thanks. So npm i installs the package. Gracious. This is a whole new world. Thanks for bearing with me as I learn.