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    Cover for pool with 2 sides anchored in grass

    So attached are photos of our gunite pool with 2 walls that are raised with grass right up to our pool. Attached is also a screenshot of a quote I received with a smart mesh cover. Any opinions on a solid with a pump vs a smart mesh. My concern is worrying about water level and having to drain...
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    Brand new to SWG. Low FC. High TA. Problems with algae

    Yes, not sure about the burn out being a major concern it won’t be crazy quick, but when it does go just get a much bigger unit. Check TA, PH and what ppm your salt system needs to be at because if it’s too low the system won’t generate any chlorine.
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    Does this look right??...HELP!

    Don’t accept that, no way.
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    Brand new to SWG. Low FC. High TA. Problems with algae

    I’d set your FC to 5-7 with 5 being your absolute lowest. You are gonna need to manually add chlorine to the pool to bring it up that high to start. A salt system only is meant to maintain and replace what you loose each day. Your salt system at a ichlor20 is undersized you would be better with...
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    Pool Finish and Color Viewing Room...TFP Member Sound Off

    Npt French grey Quartzscape. It is 3.5 feet in low end and goes to 5.5 feet in deep end.
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    Air going through my pump

    Your pump basket is clean? I had no clue my skimmer baskets were floating because they were fine when the pump was putting pressure on them pushing them down but I got a frog in my pump basket and realized that was happening so the rock helped. Not saying it’s happening to you though. If the...
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    Air going through my pump

    Read that wrong if waters in the pump maybe divert the water away from the skimmers for a bit and pull water from floor drain, bleed the line at the filter via pressure gauge and see if that helps then put it back to feeding water from both floor and skimmers. Again same thing with high water...
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    Air going through my pump

    I’ve had success diverting all of the water to the return that had some air in it. So close off water to the return that is fine this will push more water through the one pulsing. Not sure if it will work for you but has for me. Only do it for a few minutes then turn it back to go through both...
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    Granite coping prep & build help!

    Your liner is beautiful can you share what it is it makes the water color so pretty. Also what color steps did u get they match perfectly. Great job.
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    SunGuard non-chlor crystals instead of liquid chlorine

    Amazing that’s why I ask you guys. Seriously thanks for everything I truly appreciate it.
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    SunGuard non-chlor crystals instead of liquid chlorine

    So I go to my local pool store to strictly buy muriatic acid because it’s the only place close that sells it. While I’m there the owner who is very nice starts talking to me and insists I should use SunGuard non-chlor crystals instead of liquid chlorine to supplement my SWG when needed...
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    Intellichlor IC 40 not generating chlorine

    Did you add salt? You probably know this but I didn’t know much until I found this site so just making sure based on how you state your question seems like you thought it generated salt. The salt system uses salt you add to create chlorine, it doesn’t create the salt. Did you add the recommended...
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    Thick white stuff coming out of gunite shell

    Here are photos of it coming through tile and grout. Now I can’t say it wouldn’t have done it no matter what but it’s not coming through the plaster where they cleaned it prior to plastering.
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    Thick white stuff coming out of gunite shell

    So he said it was fine but I do have tons of calcium coming through my waterline tile. They keep telling me that it will eventually stop. They cleaned up the stuff prior to the plaster but went right over it with the waterline tile on the top of the pool. If I could go back I’d insist on having...
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    Why is recommended CYA for salt water pools so high?

    That’s my goal. Was just curious how it all worked just in case.
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    What are these hole in new built in hot tub

    That looks perfect thanks
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    What are these hole in new built in hot tub

    Thanks. Do you have any suggestions for grates or fittings to finish it better
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    Why is recommended CYA for salt water pools so high?

    So that makes sense so My FC Loss is less each day than if I had lower CYA. what about the 60 vs 70 and 70 being recommended for FC but not for SLAM
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    Why is recommended CYA for salt water pools so high?

    So I completely trust the TFP method. I’ve seen following it and have gotten others to as well and will continue to. This question is just so I understand why I’m doing what I’m doing. Why is the CYA for salt salt pool recommend at 70 but then if you ever had to SLAM your pool (which I never...
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    What are these hole in new built in hot tub Would the above linked item work?
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