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    Do you use your sunshelf?
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    I thought I was doing Ok until ...

    CYA at or near 100 is a problem, but with diligence it can be managed and with your very short pool season, I wouldn’t give up all my pool time to draining and refilling. Just keep the FC at a higher level (based on the CYA/FC Chart). Be very careful to do regular testing and maintain the...
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    I thought I was doing Ok until ...

    No, neither well water, nor municipal tap water will have any CYA.
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    I thought I was doing Ok until ...

    With high CYA, mix pool water with tap water 50/50 then test. Multiply your test results by two. Tap water has no CYA, so by mixing 50/50 you are getting the test results within the test parameter, then x2 to correct the number. Yes, 0 CC is not only possible, it the desired result. CC...
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    What to get for replacing a temperature sensor cord? (Temp Sensor Open - Jandy Aqualink RS4)

    Go to your local hardware store and get some bell wire. It might be a bit stiffer since it’s usually sold copper, but it will work fine.
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    Bench Depth?

    SoFloGal, Post #13 ”I have a bench along one side the length of the pool and a sun shelf at the same depth. It was designed so tha sitting on the bench, the top of the deck is just right to put your drink and also so that two standard lounge chairs fit on the shelf with the water depth coming...
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    Brand new to SWG. Low FC. High TA. Problems with algae

    You have a 20k rated SWG and a 20k pool. SWG manufacturers generally rate the output based on it running 24/7 set at 100%. That is the reason we recommend a unit that is rated 2 to 3 times the volume of the pool. Salt generators are ok at maintaining the chlorine level, but for raising it...
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    Ledge lounger and depth

    If you don’t want to be wet leave your lounger on the pool deck. My ledge is at the second step into the pool. That puts it at the seat level of a standard patio recliner and deep enough for little kids to play. We love the depth.
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    Screw for light

    It’s common for the tab on the light niche to strip or break off. They make a plastic wedge that will hold the light in the niche. Google “pool light wedge”.
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    Replacement SWG

    It is strange that the controller is “dead”. Is the fuse blown? is there power to the transformer? Output from the transformer? What troubleshooting have you done? It’s a shame to buy a whole new system if you can get that one working with just a new cell and a fuse. If you do replace the...
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    Variable speed pump program

    I , like many, many others on TFP, are using a Salt Water Generation system. My pool has been a salt pool from its first day in 2005. Salt cells are a consumable item. My experience has been an average life span of around 7 years. Based on replacement cost of cells, my operating cost for...
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    Spotted Lanternflies and pool filters

    You may want the large economy size pack. (AKA Lifetime supply)...
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    Calcium Flakes in Properly Balanced Pool with SWG

    My situation is very similar to yours, including the high TA fill water. I have been running 50ppm borates for a few years now. My pH will rise and stabilize at or near 7.8 for many days, (which still gives me a negative CSI) then suddenly rise. When it does, I don’t need a measuring cup...
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    Spotted Lanternflies and pool filters

    Line your skimmer baskets with hairnets. You can buy food service workers hairnets on Amazon for about $6 per 100.
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    Difference in Pentair Cartridge Filters

    When replacing filter cartridges, my experience is there is very little difference between brands. The less expensive generic brand seem to perform equal to the OEM, (unlike SWG cells where nothing seems equal to OEM).
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    New to Saltwater Generators

    You have never done a SLAM. That is Shock Level and MAINTAIN. A SLAM requires that you meet 3 criteria before allowing the chlorine levels to drop below shock level. Just raising chlorine level doesn’t clear algae, its maintaining the shock level. Since shock level is dependent on CYA level...
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    Lamotte CYA test, lost glass bottles

    CYA test is 50/50 water to reagent. You can measure using any of your test vials.
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    Delay after adding salt?

    Salt needs to fully dissolve and mix. It dissolves quickly and should be mixed within a couple hours with the pump running. What you don’t want is a blast of overly salted water to get to a cell that is energize. It could damage the SWG system. Like Casey said, better to wait a day than to...
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    Need Help With Which Pentair Pump to Get [Issues]

    My experience is that Pentair is pretty liberal in their definition of “Professional Installation” a plumber, electrician, pool service or even a home handyman service all qualify. If you can come up with a bill to prove “professional installation“, you can register your warranty.
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    Stupid Pool Tricks

    1. Most of the ”tricks” in this thread and many, many more have already been suggested in a “Tips and Tricks” sticky thread at the top of the “Everything Else“ category. 2. For those using hairnet, instead of skimmer angel handle use...
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    Borates - Safety Concerns

    Okay, sounds like I need to keep the toddler’s pool water consumption below a couple liters a day, just to be on the safe side. Thanks.
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    Borates - Safety Concerns

    I will start by saying that I have been using 50ppm borates in my pool for years, with little or no consideration for any safety issues. My pool is almost always used by adults or school age children. No dogs and no very young children. But recently, a friend was teaching my grandkids and a...
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    How often do you do each of the tests?

    There are two different types of chlorine tests. The quick little color matching block (OTO) and the more accurate (DPD). I do the OTO daily and DPD weekly.
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    Pink slime and shocking

    If you are leaving, I would turn the SWG up to 100% and add enough liquid chlorine to bring the pool to shock level. If your CYA was 70 and you have added a stabilized product it is now higher. I would shoot for at least 30. Based on the figures in your post that would require aprox 7-8...
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    How often do you do each of the tests?

    SWG, combined with extreme desert evaporation rate and my fill water, causes constant pH rise. The Borax makes the MA additions less frequent, but then it then requires more to change the pH. I measure MA additions by a half gallon at a time. Mine is not the typical situation, but not...
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    How often do you do each of the tests?

    OTO and ph test can both be done in 30 seconds. With my pool the pH will stay stable for many days then suddenly drop, needing lots of MA to correct. I don’t want to miss that drop. Besides, the 30 seconds I spend on the OTO and pH tests are my ONLY daily pool maintenance! I think I can...
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    Warrior 920 SE / Dolphin S200 / etc. - disable wall climbing?

    On the control panel there should be a ”fast mode/normal mode” button. (A half circle and full circle). When you select the fast (half circle) it runs a shorter time and doesn’t climb walls. I seldom run the full mode.
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    frustrated having difficulty achieving clear water

    You have algae, you need to SLAM.
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    Pool is still cloudy after 9 days of continuous shocking and filtering

    Try adding a bit of DE to the sand filter to help clear the water.