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  1. Matt F 3

    New Build Fiberglass Pool in MEMPHIS, TN

    Looks Great...... .
  2. Matt F 3


    My PB put in our lights so they pointed away from the house. So as they don't blind one when sitting on the deck. My question to you is is your patio/deck at the bottom of the picture or top? Bottom good top bad. IMO .
  3. Matt F 3

    What's your PERFECT pool temp? What's the minimum for you to jump in?

    84* seens to be perfect.... :cheers:
  4. Matt F 3

    Coming along.... hope to be swimming soon

    Real Nice.... .:cheers:
  5. Matt F 3

    Can't Digest the Prices on Outdoor BBQ Islands

    If the prices are that high, the demand in your area must be high. You have two options; wait till fall or do some of the work yourself. Good luck.
  6. Matt F 3

    Any code experts? Question about electricity

    Anything near the water needs GFCI protected; inside or out. .
  7. Matt F 3

    The pool dig has begun!!!!

    Looking Good..... .
  8. Matt F 3

    What's your PERFECT pool temp? What's the minimum for you to jump in?

    I really like it to be minimum 80*. But its gonna be 80 here on Tuesday. .
  9. Matt F 3

    New Fiberglass Install - Southern NJ

    Us too, the first 70*+ day we be swimming and Grilling. I got soom Nicor stock. :cheers:
  10. Matt F 3

    New Build Fiberglass Pool in MEMPHIS, TN

    It all depends on what you plan on using it for, we use ours for just socializing. :cheers:
  11. Matt F 3

    New Fiberglass Install - Southern NJ

    Looks great, I bet you cant wait till the weather gets warm. :wave:
  12. Matt F 3

    What's your current pool temp?

    PB got here today to open, it's 70* now. .
  13. Matt F 3

    Need location ideas for mounting SWG

    All my pool equipment sits in the sun.
  14. Matt F 3

    What's your current pool temp?

    50.2*F yes thats it. I washed the winter dirt off the cover, opened the cover to see clear blue water. We left it open for a few hours just to look at, PB coming next week to open.
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  17. Matt F 3

    What did you do to your pool today?

    I pumped off the water from the snow a few weeks back that took almost 10 hours. Today I scrubbed the dirt of the cover, tomorrow I'll roll it all the why back. First year Just a little antsy.
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  19. Matt F 3

    Where to add the SWCG

    Heres a few pictures of my PB set-up. Only the returns are inline with SWCG. Looks like you could cut the line before the third 90 then add the new line closer to the heater, seem that would get your extra length.
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  22. Matt F 3

    Poolside dining table material - is teak good long term option?

    I'm a big fan of cast aluminum, we got one 2 years go and it looks just like the day I opened the box. e got 4 swivel chars from Lowes and 4 more contrasting chairs from HD .
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  25. Matt F 3

    pool cover replacement

    Daybaron, When you look back at the cost over 16 years, it comes out to be 100-125 bucks a year. I would get a new cover, it will add to your home value. IMO m
  26. Matt F 3

    Polywood Furniture

    Having issues with pictures.....
  27. Matt F 3

    Polywood Furniture

    We decided to go with a cast aluminum table, they're pretty heavy. With chairs from Lowes. They will slide when on the deck but don't move on the concrete.
  28. Matt F 3

    Cleaning leaves from pool

    Daily I was told, The decaying leaves will really screw up the chemical balance. While we were waiting for the cover the neighbors trees would fill the skimmer overnight. So I would clean it twice every day and then net the other ones in the pool. :cool:
  29. Matt F 3

    PB opening Cost

    I've heard from the PB they stated they haven't raised the cost in ten years but will honor the $500 opening cost. With the closing cost being $600 in the fall. I'm willing to pay the cost to close because if something breaks over the winter they have to come back and repair it. But don't you...
  30. Matt F 3

    PB opening Cost

    l Got a letter from the PB over the weekend. Which states that the cost to open the pool will be 600 bucks but will discount it if I send a "Testimonial Letter" $50, "Google Review" $50, and also a check before March 31 $50. When we signed the contract the PB stated that the cost for opening and...