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    'Cyanuric Acid Standard' 70 ppm

    Whadya charge ?
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    SLAM Criteria Disagreement

    Well, you know where it's going: 1) if you have a larger pool, SLAM chlorine gets expensive. 2) 2021: many (most all in my area) stores are sold out of 'pool chlorine' (liquid & tablets!). As you can see in the threads, we are regularly going ~10 days, just waiting for the water to clear...
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    I need your help. Cloudiness has not changed over a week & a half !

    Hey experts! I'm sure you can figure this out. I have run out of ideas, & nearly patience. I took the mesh cover off my pool on May 25. I vacuumed, then adjusted the pH from way high down to 7.1 & TA from ~40 up to 80. I may have overshot CYA from ~20 up to ~70 (perhaps more on that in a...
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    new K-1000/K-1001 both reading very high vs TF-100 FAS/DPD

    This is my 6th season with this pool. Previously, the K-1000 & K-1001 very closely matched the results from the TF-100 DPD powder test (& AquaCheck strips). My pool has been quite stable for years, so I traditionally only do the DPD powder test weekly. This year, both the K-1000 & K-1001 are...
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    paint flaking off ladder

    Hello. I figure if it is stainless steel, I can/should just strip it & leave it unpainted. So, how do I know whether it is stainless? If it is not, what is your advice for repair? How to strip? How to paint so it lasts? The pic with the exposed...
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    actual pool frog !?!

    Hello. I really don't know where to post this. I've had a few dead frogs in the skimmers over the years, which I assume is normal. Now, I have a frog which appears to love the chlorine. So, get him out of there, right? Problem is, I now have hardly any insects in the pool (or even skimmers)...
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    coffee grinder for CYA/stabilizer granules?

    Anyone tried this? Thanks.
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    replace Hayward Super Pump with Super Pump VS ?

    Hello. My 2HP Super Pump (SP2615X20) has started making a loud screeching noise. I would like to have a multi-speed pump. It looks to me like the Hayward Super Pump VS (SP2600VSP) motor/impeller would slide right in to the hot/box/basket, so that I don't have to jack with any of the plumbing...
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    sudden noisy pump - pressure/air problem ?!?

    Hello. I think I need some fairly urgent help here. I just bought this house, with pool, this Spring. The [uphill] pump has been OK, I think (21psi) . Yesterday, I noticed my pump (Hayward super pump - 2hp, 1.0sf) is 'screaming' much louder than usual. So, I turn it off, & it sounds/appears to...