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  1. JohnT

    I think I found the leak!

  2. JohnT

    Is it pollen or is it algae?

    Video shows how bad pollen can be. Helicopter flying over trees stirring up the pollen Yikes... ever seen a ‘pollen wave?’ Here are some tips for avoiding the yellow misery
  3. JohnT

    Just in time for spring!

  4. JohnT

    Horse in the pool

    A Hopkins County woman rescued a horse from a pool | Lexington Herald Leader
  5. JohnT

    Fall Pool Care

    Remember this fall to switch over to seasonal pool care products!
  6. JohnT

    RV owners

    Any TFP members RV owners? My wife and I are in the process of deciding on one. We've narrowed down to about a 30-32 foot fifth wheel. Have an F250 to pull it. We are both eligible to retire, and we are planning on some relaxation when we do. Still working on exactly what rig we'll go with, but...
  7. JohnT

    Landscape Lighting Transformers

    Looking into a lighting upgrade, and it seems like I can't find a transformer that does what I want. I have about a 75ft sidewalk to light. I'd like astronomical dusk to dawn along with a remote switching ability. Sometimes we just prefer the darkness since we are way out in the country and it...
  8. JohnT

    Price of Polyquat Algaecide

    I've always been the type to stock up when I got a good deal. Many years ago, someone posted about a deal on Shadetrine algaecide which was simply relabeled Pooltrine 60 for about $5 a quart. I bought all they had. Unfortunately, all they had ran out when I closed my pool last fall. :( At the...
  9. JohnT

    A cool way to weatherproof your outdoor kitchen!

    From These kinds of doors are common in agriculture, though usually much larger. The cool thing is the kitchen occupies a very small space and the door serves as an awning while it is open. There is generally a counterweight that makes it easy to open and close. There are...
  10. JohnT

    Pool/Beach/Tropical artwork for the pool house

    One end of the screened in part of our pool house has a blank wall. Currently white, but I am flexible about what color it's going to end up. Standard doorway on one side, but there is a 9ft wide by 8ft tall uninterrupted section. Above that, the wall continues up to 13 or 14ft as it meets the...
  11. JohnT

    Best Places to Buy Liquid Chlorine

    Members frequently ask "Where is the best place to buy liquid chlorine where I live?" This thread is an attempt to consolidate all of the places you know of in your town so others can share in your good deal. If you know a place that has a good deal on liquid chlorine, whether it is a pool...
  12. JohnT

    Return fitting issue when closing

    I closed my pool Saturday and had problems with one return fitting sealing. I've had problems with this one before, and replaced a cracked faceplate this year hoping it would clear up the problems. I had bubbles coming from behind the faceplate with the winterizing plug tight. I removed the...
  13. JohnT

    Well the forecast is telling me the swimming season will end Friday here

    Upper 80s Friday and then a long string of highs in the 70s.
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  15. JohnT

    This is why you bond your pool and equipment!
  16. JohnT

    Drain Cover mods for stuck cleaners

    I just got a Poolvergneugen cleaner, and it seems to like getting hung on my drain cover. It happens when the cleaner hits it a little off-center so the left wheel is hung in the air and it can't reverse or turn to get off. Anybody have a suggestion for one of the guards or shields to prevent...
  17. JohnT

    Why get The Pool Cleaner 2X instead of the 4X?

    The prices are so close as to make it all but a toss-up. Any reason not to get the 4X?
  18. JohnT

    Poolvergueugen acquired by Hayward

    From their site: "Poolvergnuegen is now part of the Hayward family of pool products. The Hayward Customer Service and Technical Service teams are available to assist you with product, troubleshooting, and warranty questions. Please select from the following options to contact Hayward for...
  19. JohnT

    Pool Cleaners for Vinyl Liners

    Many discussions about cleaners, but most don't distinguish between using them in plaster pools which are relaitively immune to cleaner damage and vinyl pools that are much more susceptible to damage. I'd be interested to hear from people who have used a cleaner for more than a season or two in...
  20. JohnT

    CYA on clearance sale at Rural King stores

    If you are in the area they serve, which is centered around Eastern Illinois, I found 4lb containers of 97% CYA for $2.50 at the Bloomington, Indiana store. You may want to check your store. Normally sells for $10, which is a pretty good deal itself. If you are near Bloomington, don't bother...
  21. JohnT

    Outdoor Clocks?

    My clock is inside the poolhouse where it is never exposed to sun or rain, but I'm doing well to get 2 years out of one. Anybody got any recommendations? Seems like all of them I've come across have the same cheap movement that just starts eating batteries or won't keep time after a while.
  22. JohnT

    I'm not sure about this BBB method

    We left for Boston on July 1st and didn't get home until the evening of the 9th. 8 full days away from the pool with no one testing or adding anything. I did have a neighbor on stand-by to check the skimmer in case we had any storms or wind, but other than that, the pool was on its own. Came...
  23. JohnT

    Substitute Flowmeter for the Liquidator

    After upgrading to a needle valve, I want a better readout so I can make fine adjustments . Does anybody know of a better quality meter or know what the range of rates I'd need to cover with a replacement?
  24. JohnT

    A little bit of an odd scenario

    Just a post to maybe let us expand our understanding of algae control. Last week was really hectic with two grandkids having baseball tournaments and trying to get some things done at home, so I neglected the pool. Wednesday evening, I had a little time to spare so I went out to check the...
  25. JohnT

    Tile in the Pool Area

    I've been wanting to tile my poolhouse, but I've struggled to find a tile that I think will work. It's unheated and subject to freezing and occasional rain blowing in, so I believe I need to go with a natural stone or porcelain. Since it's going to be used by people getting out of the pool, I...
  26. JohnT

    No swimming weather in the long term forecast

    What the heck is going on? We've only been in the pool once this year. I could have used a jacket this morning coming to work. I just checked the long-range forecast and we are expecting temperatures to average in the high 70s to very low 80s through the beginning of July. Pretty unusual...
  27. JohnT

    Florida invaded by giant snails! ... /130419839 Holy cow! Snails that eat your house.
  28. JohnT

    SWG Flow Sensor vs Water Sensor & Flow Rate Issues

    Split off of this topic. Jason Lion Lack of eyeballs in the returns is most likely your problem. A little back-pressure will keep the cell full of water at lower flow rates.
  29. JohnT

    Big Insurance increase because of our pool with diving board

    Just got a surprise bill about $800 a year more than in the past. Agent says it's because they are very limited in companies that will insure a home that has a pool with a diving board. I guess I'm going to have to talk to another agent to see what I can do. Anybody else come across this issue?