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    Cleaning Glass Tiles and Pool Water Line

    First of all, having just built our first pool this year.. I have to say that this site has been outstanding and the information contained within has been extremely helpful along with some feedback that we have received...... Well, I have another question... We have glass subway style tiles...
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    Swim up poured concrete bar stools

    Good Morning, We know that our poured in place swim up bars will not be the most comfortable, but does anyone have any experience or thoughts on the most comfortable seating surface for in the pool.. For example, does it make a difference is we just leave the pebble sheen finish, or should we...
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    Does anyone have any info or thoughts about gunite vs shotcrete for an inground pool?

    2 different pool builders, one quoting gunite and another shotcrete - Doesn't seem like their is a large difference other than application methods...