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    Water wont clear up

    Sorry I guess that would have helped. The Taylor 2006 test kit is what I went with. I have been using pool essentials Liquid Chlorine to chlorinate the water. Thanks.
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    Water wont clear up

    I received a real test kit and have finally tested my cloudy water. My water was dark green after we opened it up. Tossed Liquid Chlorine it and it turned to a cloudy aqua color. A day later we ended getting a horrible storm that threw a few branches in my pool. Pool went green again so I put...
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    Help me Please

    With my CYA being high is there a way other than draining to lower it?
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    Help me Please

    So what is the need for the chlorine floater and tablets? Do they not offer any kind of efficient help in stabilizing water?
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    Help me Please

    Thanks everyone. I will be ordering the kit and getting some liquid chlorine. The baquacil she said was to eliminate my chlorine to see if that was whats making my water cloudy. The kit looks super confusing and I don't have a Chemistry Degree lol
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    Help me Please

    My pool has looked like this since September 6th. We were swimming in clear water on Labor Day and it just seems like over night it crashed. After trying to vacuum it out with my Pool Rover Jr it still stayed cloudy. Went to my local pool store and they told me to shock it day and night till it...
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