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    multiple vinyl tears

    Fantastic thought Dave! Check for sharp edges on the vac head.
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    multiple vinyl tears

    How old is your liner? How old is you pool? What is the structure of the walls? I think the first thing to do is try to figure out why you got the tears to begin with. Was there a dog in the pool? Were your children playing with knives? (I tell mine they can play with them, as long as they...
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    When Dealing with a "problem"...what to test and how often?

    Normally, you only need to test Cl and PH on a daily basis. The others will be weekly and/or monthly, or once a season, once you get an idea of which ones fluctuate and which ones don't. Cl & PH are the two main ones needed to fight a problem, with Cl being the main one. If you need to...
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    Low PH level

    In the future, before going to the pool store (or any store) turn your eyball jets towards the surface. By breaking the surface, it helps to raise your Ph. I find this is just as effective and a whole lot less expensive.
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    CYA Dropped on it's own?

    We only drained about 2 inches - maybe. But we have replaced about a foot of water this season.
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    CYA Dropped on it's own?

    Seriously??? Then add me to the club of CYA dropping. Not as significant as a drop as 25, but enough. It was 50 at the beginning of the season and now it is 40. I chalked it up to draining rain water and replacing water when it evaporates. I really need to raise it about 60, but can't find...
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    CYA Dropped on it's own?

    If you lose water to evaporation and have to replace it with water that has no CYA, your CYA is going to drop. CYA doesn't evaporate with the water. The water you add for the evaporation dilutes the water with CYA. This is why when your CYA is high the only way to drop it is to partially...
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    NEWBIE Chlorine frustration

    I do need to clarify - my pool is about 4000 gallons more than yours. I do not lose ppm at night. but I do during the day. My CYA is low, probably could stand to be raised some, but adding it jug a day is easier. Also my pool loves algae, I think it tries to throw parties every day for it...
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    NEWBIE Chlorine frustration

    I add 182 oz of bleach a day to keep my chlorine levels up. My pool gets full afternoon sun. I expect this to go down as the temperature cools, The amount you add per day is not unusual. Last year I was having all sorts of problems, the pool never looked clear and we average around $25-$30...
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    CYA Dropped on it's own?

    Are you having to add water a lot because of evaporation?
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    Built a Bridge over Waterfall...not sure if I like it.

    I like the stone better as well. But as an alternative, I like the gray wood better than the red....
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    Test results inside, water slightly cloudy, should I shock?

    I have found that by elevating the free chlorine level, maybe not even to shock level but above normal, clears up my pool. then I let it go back to normal range. But you should always keep it at normal range, espeically if you are prone to algae. My pool thinks about algae and it starts...
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    Built a Bridge over Waterfall...not sure if I like it.

    I think you might be able to have the same visual effect with a gray stain on the wood. Maybe somebody could work that out so we can see.... (hint, hint) :lol:
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    Jennej's pool build -- near Charlotte, NC

    Who is building your pool? I am nearby, in Union County, right over the border....
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    chemicals from store??

    Using your existing chemicals is fine. Actually, using pool store chemicals is fine. What pool school and really the entire site is about is taking control of your pool. I think the main focus of our site, is not BBB, but understanding the chemistry of the pool. Above all else, the thing...
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    Landscape Ideas- Updated! HEAVY pics!

    Re: Landscape Ideas- Pictures included I would say either fence directly around the pool with no grass area in the pool or square it off so you have landscaping in the corners. Black or white iron fence would be nice. I think the black would look better. It sounds great to square it off but...
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    green swamp to cloudy blue - i want to swim already!

    I let my kids in at shock level - granted those are the days that I don't like them as much :-D Seriously, we do swim at shock levels. the only thing to worry is if you can't see the bottom to continuously count heads. i you can see the bottom, only count heads every 30 seconds or so....
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    bleach and vinyl liner

    I notice, at least with the swimsuits, it depends on the manufacturer. Most of the swimsuits I buy do not fade, but there are stores I know that if I buy a swimsuit from there, it will only last one season ( and therefore the store has to be giving it away). I would guess that liners would be...
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    Not sure what to do next... defeated algae, but still cloudy

    At least for me - getting the pool to blue cloudy is easy - gettting it clear from there is not. It takes time, and I have found it takes less time if you keep the level to shock until it clears. The first time it took nearly two weeks to clear - but I started with sludge. We had really bad...
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    New to the site also new pool owner(cloudy water)

    First of all - that is bull hockey that your pool is too small to be clear. Second of all - without a CYA test it really is hard to know what your chlorine level should be. There are a couple of options: 1) Buy a really good test kit - there are several suggested on this site. Duraleigh...
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    Yucky water - Update, lost prime again

    Re: Yucky water coming out of returns Not necessarily. However whenever you don't rinse after backwashing you can get dirt back into the pool through the returns. It is exactly as you described it - initially dirty and then clear. I guess running your pump without prime and then getting it...
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    Yucky water - Update, lost prime again

    Re: Yucky water coming out of returns Same as you would for backwash. Right after you backwash you turn off the pump, move the handle to rinse and turn the pump back on. It just gets rid of all the yucky residual stuff before it goes back into the pool.
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    Wrinkle in new vinyl liner

    Have you had a lot of rain lately? It could be there is some ground water behind the liner and that is causing the wrinkle. The warm water thing I don't understand, unless they are saying the the warmth of the water made the liner more pliable, and therefore more wrinkly?? You can get it...
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    Blue cloudy water remains after swamp thang is gone.

    Candace, It is going to take some time. It took my pool two weeks to clear from the cloudy blue it was. It was a lot of vacuuming, brushing and bleach. Once you know the algae is dead (and the best way is to see if the FC drops at night - if it does, it is not dead) then the FC levels can...
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    Return to the Black Lagoon

    You are probably getting more than you think up in the vacuum. And let's say all you are doing is stirring the water - at the very least, you are circulating the dirt for the skimmer to catch some of it. I was fortunate enough, with the help of these fine people to turn my black water to...
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    Trying to figure this all out! OVERWHELMED!

    For what it is worth - we ordered a filter online on Thursday, and we got it Saturday. That is really close to now for the added savings.
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    Fighting algae for 2 days now - getting better

    Re: Can FINALLY see the bottom of the deep end The bleach will clear up the haze, not the Borax. The Borax will increase your ph which is fine where it is.
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    Please help me compare these two colors...

    I like the Dark Sand Buff better . I like the warmer tones better and I think it complements the water better.
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    Fighting algae for 2 days now - getting better

    Besides all the norms like put your pool info in your signature and get a good test kit (done :goodjob: ) Are you vaccuuming daily? Brushing down the walls? Does your FC still drop overnight? This is the benchmark for organics. If it still is dropping, continue at shock levels until it...