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    Preparing for a LOT of guests

    Hosting a kids birthday/pool party this weekend for a friend. Invitations got a little out of control, and 54 people have RSVP'd! :drown: That does not include the kiddos! Not everyone who is coming will swim, but I expect 20-25 kids in the pool. I maintain 80ppm CYA and 6.5 FC with my SWG...
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    TA and Continued Ph Rise

    I recently switched over to a SWG and am loving the results and ease of maintenance. But I am noticing a steady rise in pH. I've also been battling to get my TA down through acid addition and aeration, but its slow going. It is at 90 now, down from 130 six weeks ago. Some weeks, my TA...
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    New to TFP

    Hello everyone! I'm new to joining the forum and a new pool owner. (The pool was put in in the 1960s, its just new to us.) I've been reading through all the very helpful information on this site over the last two weeks and am so grateful for all the helpful information. Like many others...