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    Trouble Reading PH Color

    So I have been having trouble reading the ph color for a while. I can tell if it is in the orange range or the pick range but when it's the 7.5-7.7 it's hard for me to tell. Is there a way to determine PH like the chlorine test where you look for it to go clear? If not, what is a good...
  2. J

    Intermatic Digital Timer

    Does anyone have one of these? They are a few hundred instead of a grand for a full automation system. Wondering if I can get one that can: Pump on/off Booster on/off Light on/off Actuate one valve (my waterfall valve) Anyone know?
  3. J

    White Splotchy Areas

    Hey everyone. Found this white splotchy areas in my blue-ish pool today. This is the best pic. On a bench under my waterfall. On a step between horizontal and vertical parts. The areas are not any rougher than the pool and seem to be in areas in corners or vertical to horizontal changes...
  4. J

    Hard White/Yellow Milky Stuff

    Hey guys... Found this today under my waterfall. It wouldn't come off with a brush, haven't hit it with acid yet. It is smooth, shiny, and only in one spot. Thoughts?
  5. J

    Where do you live?

    So it's obvious lots of people here live in Texas... but what percentage??
  6. J

    What's Grilling Tonight?

    Found some USDA Prime grade ribeyes. Did a whiskey marinade, then a paprika dry rub, and finished with smoked Himalayan pink sea salt. Here they are finishing with a little direct heat after slow cooked at 225*. Wasn't a scrap left!
  7. J

    Cool Pool Gadgets

    So who has some cool pool gadgets? I have been looking for a submarine or boat but haven't found one worth anything yet. I do have some color changing LED floating spheres. They are cool at night.
  8. J

    Is it better to drain or treat?

    May I ask why it is better to treat than drain?
  9. J

    Test Kit Arrived

    Received my TF-100 yesterday. Sure is a lot of bottles!!! Now I just need to learn how to use it. Started watching the YouTube videos.
  10. J

    My ODK Build in Houston

    BBQ Build The build happened a few years ago. I have a detailed thread on another forum but will transfer the relevant information here as that forum seemed to have gone silent. Brief description: 15'x15' covered patio with a 15'x20' concrete slab. 11'-6" Straight Island (on the 5'...
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    Convert to Aqualink

    Hey everyone. I haven't even finished my pool yet but am already thinking of cool modifications I might be able to do. I have a two pump system (1 main pump and a Polaris booster). I have a 3 way valve that controls the returns to the pool or waterfall. I have no spa or heater. What I was...
  12. J

    My Pool - Houston TX

    Hi everyone. I contracted with my pool builder on 10/20 and the dig was done on 10/22. The top on the concrete deck is applied tomorrow. We had about 10 days of bad weather during the build. The Design Then a few pictures of the different stages. Before Just before filling
  13. J

    Hi from Houston!

    Hi everyone!! We are just finishing up our pool. It was actually a good time to build as all the bids I received turned out cheaper than I thought. Started dig on 10/22 and the deck is getting the coating tomorrow. Just wanted to introduce myself. I'll start a photos thread in the proper section.