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    Is all Bleach the same?

    HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!! This week Clorox was on sale so we went with that instead of the Walmart brand. The bleaches are the same colors, same 6%, virtually the same packaging. So how come after three days of Clorox use, our clear pool is crystal clear? We can count the number of dirt...
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    Pool Light Help

    Hi All! My pool light will come on for a short period on time and then turn off. Throughout an evening it may do this several times. And then it gets to a point where it will not turn on at all. It had not turned on in such a long time, we were going to replace the bulb. However, my...
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    I'm in the Charlotte area - but Harris Teeter has it's 96 oz clorox Bleach on sale for .99 this week with your VIC card. However, if you empty out the Sun Valley store I may have to hurt you :)
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    I tried to do it without asking for help!!

    Thank you so much for all the help you have given me so far. I am 90% of the way there, and I am losing hope. I have pictures but can't find the USB cord - so as soon as I find it I will upload them. Here are the readings as of this morning (using Aquachem 6 way kit from Walmart): CL 1.5...